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War Of The Worlds

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War of the Worlds Coursework How did the changes in the narrator reflect the writer's concerns for humanities' future? The narrator at the beginning of the book was a happy, well fed and servant supported man. The attack of the Martians changes the narrator's life enormously. The changes of the narrator show the struggles of a man trying to avoid being exterminated by the Martians. The writer purposely leaves the man unnamed as he represents the struggle of mankind during the invasion of the Martians to create the feeling of empathy. Each change in the narrator shows how the writer has concerns for humanities' future in the world. I will describe all the main changes in the main changes in the narrator and explain how this reflects the writer's concerns for humanity with quotes relating certain changes in the narrator. The first change of the narrator is significant. It is one of the biggest changes in the narrator which shapes the rest of the time in which he avoids being exterminated. The narrator was a man that was content with his present circumstances and change was not necessary but after the invasion, it seemed difficult not to. ...read more.


This is a change in the narrator in his way of thinking. This shows that the writer has concerns for humanity because he worries for mankind at how easily they can be overpowered by such brutal forces. At times of woe and suffering, humans need to work together as one to fight evil. Before the invasion, humans treated one another with disrespect and ungraciousness. This was realised by the narrator after the invasion when the attack was in progress. Humanity needed to change for the better and work as a group to avoid becoming extinct. This also shows that the writer is concerned for humanities future because humans may treat each other even worse in years to come and that he is using the narrator to portray this anxiety. Humans will compete for survival to see who the fittest folk are; hence, there will be competition and conflict amongst humans resulting in humans treating each other even worse. Law and order are the rules and regulations which make the world just and equal. If these rules and regulations are removed, Earth will become chaos and all hell will break loose. ...read more.


Human capabilities are overpowered without hesitation by the Martians and many are killed very quickly. There are forces in this world that scientists may still have not have discovered which may cease to be the conservation of the Earth. This is a very important change as it saves the world from becoming annihilated by the Martians; the narrator is changed by this because this certain force of nature has saved him from extermination. The writer has concerns for humanities future because he believes that humans think that they are much too powerful and they underestimate the power of the outside world and what effect it may have on the Earth. The writer believes human capabilities will not win against the odds; therefore, natural forces will prosper. As a conclusion, after the changes of the narrator have been explained and how these changes reflect the writer's concerns for humanities future, I can say that the narrator went from a normal life of a man living on Earth to a man with an experience where he had struggled for survival, murdered, eaten scraps from the street and realised many things about mankind which would not be thought about when leading a common and average life in London. ?? ?? ?? ?? Milan Parmar 1 War Of The Worlds 1 ...read more.

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