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War Of The WOrlds Essay

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In the War Of The Worlds,it is clear that HG Wells is not happy with societies beliefs and ideas. Discuss the way Wells uses language to show his disapproval of religion in chapter 13 and book 2. HG Wells was a scientist in the early 1900s who wrote science fiction novels which was a way of informing society about Wells' dislike of the political atmosphere of that time; in short, it was designed deliberately to give society a taste of their own medicine. This is because he did not agree with the ways society was dealing with the issues of war, poverty and industrialisation. The book the war of the worlds is about an invasion of a different form of life from the planet Mars; a place that the common man in the streets didn't know much about and a place that Wells was very much interested in and wanted society to understand about the concepts of science and creation issues - something that was a very serious and important debate at the times Wells book was published. ...read more.


This has a lot of relevance to this book with the theme "Technology Taking Over". It shows us that the Martians machines are taking over the world with the heat ray, and basically just destroying all people objects, and beings that get in its way. In the book the Martians try to take over planet earth and do anything they can to claim its land this closely relates to the subject of British Imperialism this is were a country takes over another country. Through out the years Britain has taken over some of these country's * Bermuda * Isle Of Man * Saint Helena This means we had a very powerful army which in them days was the britishg empire. If we were to make the subject Of Imperialism relate to this book we would say that, the Martians would act as the British Empire and that Us, and the rest of the world would be the poor undeserving victim country's. ...read more.


With HG Wells been a scientist it must have been a great inspiration for him to write science fiction books, because he was able to write his own future world theories into them. And this is why he wrote this book. Like I said before the main purpose of this book was to teach readers a lesson and to give them a taste of there own medicine, and to show them what they were doing and how they were hurting people in a different perspective. For example British Imperialism gets portrayed when the Martians are taking over so yes he makes things a little more clear, hoping that people will realise what there doing and stop ! In conclusion I think that wells uses great language to get his point across to the audience, and I understood exactly what that point was (Dont give out what you cant take back) and this was aimed at all the armys in the world, that were making life hell for there self and others. By Josh Petrini ...read more.

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