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War of the Worlds: Summary

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The story begins on August 2nd, 1894. The narrator is in an observatory, when he sees a bright flash appear on Mars. The next ten days, the bright flash appears, but everyone thinks they are meteors. A few days later, a cylinder crash lands in the Narrator's town, Woking, England. The townsfolk are amazed and surround the cylinder, along with scientists Oglivy and Henderson. Suddenly the cylinder unscrews and an octopus looking creature comes out. It fires a heat ray at the surrounding people, instantly killing them. The town evacuates, and the Narrator takes his wife to a nearby town to be safe. ...read more.


The two decide to go to London and leave the Narrator's house. They come to a river crossing where they are forced to swim across, but they are separated. Another tripod appears and attempts to kill everyone at the water crossing, but is killed when artillery strikes its head. The narrator manages to get to the shore and continues to London, where his brother resides. His brother watches as London descends into chaos as people are desperately trying to leave by any means necessary. He decides to leave also, and hitches a ride with two women, Mrs. Elphinstone and he sister-in-law. ...read more.


The curate overtime becomes insane from being trapped in the house and begins to scream. The Martian hears, and comes into the house and feeds on the curate as the narrator hides in the pantry. The narrator escapes and continues onward. He comes upon the artilleryman once again. He tells him of his dreams of rebuilding civilization underground. Thinking his plans are nonsense, the narrator moves on to London only to find devastation. Tired of all the misery, he decides to kill himself by running in front of a tripod. But he finds that it's not moving, and the Martians have died from bacterial infections.The narrator returns home. He Is still dad from his wife dying in the attack. But when he arrives, his wife is there waiting for him. ...read more.

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