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war photographer

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War poems This essay is going to compare the war poems 'war photographer', 'Love letters of the dead: commando intelligence briefing', 'I was only nineteen' and 'dulce et decorum est' to find the similarities and the differences between these poems. The poems 'War photographer', 'Love letters of the dead: a commando intelligence briefing', and 'dulce et decorum est' mainly explores the theme of death that comes with war, but in 'I was only nineteen' it explores the theme of death after the war. In the War photographer' we read that the photographer is developing his film that he had taken from a war, as he is making these images he remembers more about what happened, filling him with emotion, this similar to 'love letters', the soldier has to go through the pockets of the dead enemy, which he finds as a moral dilemma, 'I was only nineteen' shows a solitary man remembering when he served in the Vietnam war, the Purpose of these poems is to show the desolation and grief that the war always brings. ...read more.


'Solutions slop in trays beneath his hands' this solution is used to clear the photos, just as it clears the photographer's memories , it is also an acid, acids were used in biological warfare to kill in the masses, there are many symbolic meanings in 'dulce et decorum est' such as The metaphor "Haunting Flares" on the third line. The quote has many meanings, one of which is that there are flares being fired by the enemy to light up the battle field are said to be representing the souls of the soldiers that have fallen. This could also be said to represent the power the enemy had on the soldiers lives as the bright flares would light up the battlefield, exposing everything to their view and they realise what is happening. The Metaphor 'spools of suffering' shows the theme of death that comes with war. It is a useful comparison as it's not the spools that are suffering; it's the photos of the spools reminding him of the suffering, there is also repetition in this sentence and there is repetition in 'love letter' ...read more.


'Rural England' this is meant to be compared to war, it is very peaceful and the only thing you will worry about there is the weather, but in war there is chaos and disorder. In the poem he looks at a photo with a 'half formed ghost', the image gives the idea that the picture of the dead person the photographer is thinking about could be a memory that is lingering around him because he could be responsible for the death of that person, this also suggests the idea that the photographer doesn't take pleasure in what his job is because he has agonising memories, and to the end of the poem the editor only chooses a select few of the photos, showing he does not care for the losses of life's and only wants money which must frustrate the photographer. 'A hundred agonies in black and white' this shows that possibly everyone is equal during a war, but the main aim of this example is there is a gray area in his mind, something he is unclear of. There are several references to imagery used in 'dulce et decorum est',. The first image is "Sleep or Dreams". ...read more.

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