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War Photography

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Compare the Ways in Which Carol Ann Duffy (War Photographer) and Kate Daniels (War Photograph) Consider the Realities of War and Its Impact on Different Individuals In this essay I will compare the ways in which Carol Ann Duffy and Kate Daniels compare the realities of war and its impact on individuals. War Photographer is written by Carol Ann Duffy. It focuses on the photographer, rather than his work. The photographer's emotions, his job and the affect it has on him will be the main elements of Duffy's poem. War Photograph is produced by Kate Daniels. Her poem is focussed on a specific photo. This photograph shows a young girl in Vietnam running from a demolished city that has been coated with flames, death and gun fire. Daniels describes everything in the photograph in her own perspective, a perspective that the public would never think of seeing. Duffy's poem focuses on one individual, the photographer. Duffy realises what not many people do. Most people believe that photographers are heartless people that continuously take photographs of suffering victims of the war. ...read more.


Then it moves onto blaming the readers. And how we, on the receiving end of the article, are throwing away the message that the paper is trying to get across to us. The style and structure of War Photographer is very basic, 4 stanzas with the same amount of lines in each one. But this could also be done on purpose; knowing that this poem is very realistic and sends across a powerful message is saying that an everyday basic item you see could have a very unique and meaningful purpose to it, for example, the news paper. It's very common and basic but the news it contains inside could have an impact on the entire world. "How can she know what we really are" and "from the distance, we look so terribly human". These two lines have a strong meaning about the people that aren't encountered with war very often. The girl in the photograph, her life has been erased, her family was killed, her home was demolished all of who she has loved are never to be seen again. ...read more.


Then as it goes down through the second stanza it explains things far more dramatically and in deep detail. Line seven to sixteen explains how her whole life was demolished, and then lines seventeen to thirty-four talks about how we are her only help, and yet we are the ones that care least about her life. In conclusion Kate Daniels considers the realities of war by the story behind the photograph of the little girl. But Daniels focuses on the reality of war in the media, especially the paper. She knows what we think when we come to look at the photograph and she realises what our reactions will be towards it, that's how Daniels considers the realities of war. Carol Ann Duffy considers the realities of war through the photographer's eyes, the way he sees everything in terror but yet he has a job to do so he must not let all the visual agony hold him back. And she also compares the photographer's working environment against the battle field and the ways it could possibly remind him of the suffering he has seen. This is the way Caron Ann Duffy considers the realities of war. Roman Moore ...read more.

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