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War Poetry

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Read Owen's Dulce et Decorum est. & the Kings speech before Agincourt in Shakespeare's Henry v. Compare how and why the two Writers manipulate their audience's feelings about war. Dulce et Decorum est was written by Wilfred Owen during the time of world war one. The poem is known for its horrifying imagery and its condemnation of war. The difference between Dulce et Decorum est to Henry v, is that first of all it is written as a personal experience of war where as Henry v is written as a poem in a history play, so its themes and imagery is portrayed from a more personal perspective of war. William Shakespeare the famous playwright, is the author of the poem taken from the history play Henry V. The poem taken is a dramatic monologue by Henry v responding from a comment his cousin Westmoreland. ...read more.


Images such as st crispians day a day created to remember the soldiers that fought for their country and king. The use of metaphors in D.E.D was used to relate to the reader and manipulate their feeling and thoughts on what the war must have been like. 'Drunk with fatigue', drunk a word meaning intoxicated and slow really relates to the reader as it is not alcohol they are drunk because of, but it is because of the lack of sleep, the constant pace and rapidity of the war which is proving all to much to bare on the soldiers. It also shows they are lacking them certain capabilities of vigorous men called to war. The paragraphs in D.E.D provide a good structure to the poem, but also the different perspectives the paragraphs are written from provides good dramatic effect. The first stanza is written in second person, and it is used to set the scene of the poem. ...read more.


In Henry v speech Shakespeare uses a lot of imperatives in the kings' speech to show his superiority and emphasise how he is top of the hierarchy. Shakespeare also uses rhetorical devices in the kings' speech, he does this because the king is trying to get the men ready and fearless of war, and by using rhetorical questions he almost makes them feel as if war is a good thing. Shakespeare uses a variety of phrases and words throughout the poem to help engage the audience. One of which is the repetition of honour which is used to emphasise the honour which would be bestowed upon them. It is also used to show encouragement to the soldiers, because the soldiers are worried about fewer numbers and Henry v uses this to show the soldiers that the fewer numbers they fight in if they was to win war the greater the honour that would be shared amongst them. Also by invoking God's name it creates a powerful and emotional effect in which he uses to his advantage. ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 ...read more.

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