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War story. As I was getting closer to the Normandy beaches, my heart was beating faster than ever. I didnt know if me and my comrades would survive.

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War story I could see the shores of Normandy beach. Comrades were dying, millions of lives at stake due to the actions of the Germans. I couldn't bear any more people dying. As we were getting closer to the beach, I heard the sound of people dying. I couldn't bear it anymore. I wanted to end this war today, but I realised that it would take a lot more than a small onslaught, that was more than my regiment could handle. My soldiers were vomiting because of sea sick; some were half dead from the attack of a German navy ship. I was frightened of going into battle, losing more comrades to the Germans, but I had to do it for my country. As I was getting closer to the Normandy beaches, my heart was beating faster than ever. I didn't know if me and my comrades would survive. We arrived at the Normandy beach to the sound of guns shooting, grenades exploding... and people dying. ...read more.


I just wanted to get war finished. My comrades were finally ready to get out of the base. I got out my sniper, and grenades. Quickly I got out the base and climbed up the sniping tower. From the top of the tower I could see everything, everyone dying. Bodies scattered everywhere like the battleground was a graveyard. It was too much to handle; it was unbearable to see all these people dying. I wanted to come down, but the tower was surrounded by Germans but thankfully they didn't see me. I crouched inside the tower, to hide my self from the Germans. I waited anxiously for the Germans to leave, but they stood their like statues. I had another flashback, I remembered in the last war when I was in same position when Germans were surrounding my tower when they climbed up, so I didn't want the same thing happening again when I was nearly killed. I came back to my senses to realise that they still have not left. ...read more.


I couldn't do anything to stop them. All of a sudden, The Germans stormed upstairs ransacking the base trashing everything and looting everything. I carried on watching the Germans through the little hole in the cupboard door, thinking that I let team down, that I was doing nothing to stop the Germans. Then I realised the Germans coming closer to the cupboard. I thought I was done for. The Germans opened the door to the cupboard and found me. As they opened the door, I shot several times rapidly. I killed a few of the Germans, but one of the Germans shot my legs. My eyes started to blur as I passed out, they taped my mouth, and took me down to a German truck. They threw me inside like I was a rag doll. I didn't know what they were going to do to me. I was waiting nervously, just wanting them to kill me, because I knew they would take me to a concentration camp. The backdoor of the truck opened, and I saw a German with a magnum pistol, he pointed it and my head and...... ?? ?? ?? ?? Umar Ahmed ...read more.

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