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War Story

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Toby Leckie GCSE ENGLISH COURSEWORK: PERSONAL WRITING War Story "What will you lack, sonny, what will you lack, When the girls line up the street Shouting their love to the lads to come back From the foe they rushed to beat?" As I sat in English Study, these words kissed upon my juvenile ears. The voice was that of my school friend Albert as he read the first lines of Fall In to my classmates. As I heard more and more of the poem, I felt stronger and stronger about seriously signing up to fight in the Somme. I could imagine all the respect and admiration I would receive when I come back, especially from the girls! After school, I rushed back home to tell my mother about how much I wanted to join Britain in the war. "I don't think you should go," remarked my mother, "many of my friends' husbands have been killed already. Take Janice for example: her Simon got shot in the same month he joined up. I wouldn't want that to happen to you. You're all I've got left after your Pa died. I'd have nothing to live for if you died as well." "But Jim's already left and Patrick's gonna sign up soon. Come on Mum, you've got to let me go. It'd be brilliant when I come back. Everyone would be cheering to me and I'll be proud that I'd did something like this in life. ...read more.


He's going to be our leader in the Somme. "He tries to act all tough," Bobby started, "but everyone knows he's really a softie. The only reason he is a sergeant is because he has a rich family and they paid the government for him to have the privilege. C'mon, we'll be late!" As Bobby said this, he jumped down from the bed and rushed down the stairs. Lunch was revolting: two-day-old cheese and onion flan with uncooked potatoes. The only reason I ate it was because I was starving. I hadn't had anything to eat for breakfast because I was too excited. I don't see why I came now; Fall In is a lie. Afterwards, I quickly got changed for my first lesson: shooting practice. This was just a couple of battered hardboard in a muddy field. What made it even worse was that Sergeant Trotts himself was teaching us "Here are your rifles." As he announced this he handed to each of us a brand new gun. "During your service to your country, these are your responsibility. Keep them clean, well oiled and loaded at all times. It is not my problem if it breaks. You will have to repair it yourself or just do without. Now, to load your gun, pull back the barrel and insert a magazine. Then just release the latch on the side and it is ready to be used. To aim, line up the top of the sight above the trigger with the one at the end of the barrel. ...read more.


I held the gun securely. This time I aimed carefully. I gently pulled back the trigger. I heard a muffled thud. A figure emerged from a dust cloud. It was a German soldier. Blood was frothing out of his mouth. I could see the whites of his eyeballs flickering from where I was standing. Suddenly, he stiffly fell into the mud with a squelch. My mind was numb of guiltiness. I had just killed someone I didn't even know. He could have had his own family back home, just like I do. Just then I heard the words "John! Look out!" That is all I could remember. When I woke up I was in a hospital. "Excuse me, Nurse?" I asked as a woman walked by. "Is Bobby okay?" The nurse was silent. Then a slight smile grew on her face. He came around the corner in a wheelchair. "I lost both my legs" Bobby stated. "I can see" I replied. "At lest you're okay; you were in a coma for eight hours." "What happened to us?" I asked. "We got caught in a shell blast. We're the last two left from our bay." "You're both going home when you've recovered for a couple of days," said the nurse. "Brilliant. I can see my mother" "You come and visit me if you like" " That'd be great" After I had seen my mum, I caught the train to Bobby's house. We were friends forever after that. We told our story to everyone we meet, and do you know what? They do respect us just as Fall In suggested. ...read more.

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