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War Torn. I trudged back to base not knowing what tomorrow would bring and as to the extent of how lucky I am to escape with my life.

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War Torn The mighty sun's rays made me feel as though I was in another world; the searing heat was overpowering as I struggled to fight on in the barren desert. My life was transfixed as I failed to take in the sheer overwhelming aurora of what was going on around me which causing me to go crazy, I just didn't have the verve to march on. The Taliban were homing in on us and it was a matter of life of death with the pride of my nation hanging by the threads of my neck. We advanced into the compound and somehow I was attracted to the danger, the spur of the moment generated testosterone which fuelled my desire of taking down the enemy. I wasn't going to fall now at the final hurdle; I owed this to my nation, wife and her majesty to defeat the antagonist and bring peace and prosperity to the local Afghans. ...read more.


I then looked up towards the heavens above and said to God "Dear God if you hear me grant me victory today AMEN". We were coming under siege this was becoming futile and added to the hostilities and created tension as Sgt. Paul Cauldridge condemned my worst nightmare that we might not get out of here alive. Over an hour passed and I remained the only one left in the platoon I thought it was time to run back to base but I wasn't going to give up that easily. I was becoming exhausted, thirsty and worst of all sick. I stopped fire and hid behind the entrance to the rooftop and lay there for 5 minutes. I could hear no sign of the enemy and looked above at the damage and devastation caused to a peace loving farming community. ...read more.


They ran for their lives, as they were defenceless and I pounced on them. For over 1500 meters of scorching desert I sprinted after them; seeking to avenge the deaths of my fellow men. They stumbled to the ground as they saw my Ak-47, they feared for their lives and were in a frantic but yet anxious situation they didn't know what was coming next. I mustered every ounce of strength left within my body and shot both of them in the head. I didn't feel like a hero. Far from the reality of my actions. I collapsed to the ground and there I lay failing to comprehend what I'd just done. My nation rejoiced after hearing news of my actions. It's a difficult decision to take someone's life. This is the story of my struggle a 22 year old man who had evolved from a shy young boy into a hero who would be remembered forever. ?? ?? ?? ?? Candidate Name: Taranveer Atwal Candidate Number: 6014 ...read more.

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