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Was It Me Bob was walking along the street coming home from his friend's house after finishing their History project

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Was It Me? Bob was walking along the street coming home from his friend's house after finishing their History project. It had been extremely long and boring report on life in Nazi Germany but it would probably count for about twenty percent of their standard Grade mark so they had spent nearly two weeks working non-stop on it. As Bob walked along he could feel a skip coming into his step after the huge burden of the project was lifted off his shoulders. While Bob crossed the road the little light that was left in the twilight of a late autumn evening glinted on his short blonde hair and his newly fitted braces which still felt weird in his mouth. Bob had to squint to see in the low setting sun which was hurting his bright blue eyes. Bob was tall and looked a lot older than his real age of fifteen. He could often get in for eighteens at the cinema. Bob continued on down the street until he got to the narrow alley which was a shortcut to his house. The alley was dark and creepy, even at the best of times and the low sun was very quickly receding underneath the horizon and rain clouds were hastily closing in. ...read more.


Bob fell to the ground in a crumpled heap. The huge man looked at the fallen body, smiled an evil grin, picked Bob up then carried him to the end of the alley then bundled him into a waiting car which then drove off at speed. Bob woke up what he guessed must have been 20 minutes later. He was pinned against the right side of a car by the huge man who had attacked him. The car was a long, black BMW with tinted windows and a stench inside that Bob couldn't quite place. The interior of the car consisted of smooth cream coloured leather and lots of oak paneling. A bit too posh a car to kidnap someone in, Bob thought. Agghh! Bob just realised his head was in huge pain and it felt like his head was splitting in two but he couldn't remember why. The huge man then realised Bob was awake and turned to a man in the passengers seat and said, in a very unintelligent sounding grunt, "He's awake Giovanni." The man called Giovanni looked small and skinny with a few grey hairs starting to creep into his heavily gelled black mop of hair. ...read more.


It also looked as if the big man had broken a leg from the impact because he was clutching one in agony. Bob, seizing his chance threw open his door, then sprinted away from the car and into the pouring rain, not stopping for at least ten minutes when he finally gave up running. Bob sat on the kerb shaking. He examined the bruises on his arms and legs he had gained in the car crash. They were the colour of the stormy sky above him which was currently making him wetter than a fish. He reached to his head and felt blood still trickling from the cut on his head. Bob was a mess. He had no idea where he was, he was drenched and could hardly walk from exhaustion. He started to cry and began to ask himself why those men had kidnapped him. Had he really done wrong and if he had what had he done. He looked about himself for a landmark he recognised and couldn't find anything. He tried to remember anything about himself, even what he had done before he hit his head but nothing came to him. How was he supposed to get home if he couldn't remember where home was? Would he ever get his memory back...? Somehow he doubted it. ...read more.

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