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Was it my entire fault?

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Was it my entire fault? I don't know where? I am lost, this place is too new to me, I never seen any thing like it in my whole life except in those movie that always talk about the future. It was odd because there next to me was a poster that said 2012 the party of the year. It can't be can it. All I remember is me dashing out of the house angry and as I was about to cross the road I saw a motorbike and that's about it. It was too strange, too absurd to be true. It couldn't be. But the thought refused to leave my head. I had a new question now. I knew what year it was but where was I? Then someone said you all right miss? I stopped to look around to see where the voice was coming from. But all I can see was an armchair and someone was sitting on it, I couldn't see the person very well as he was in the shadows. ...read more.


"NO! Don't!" I ... i needed to sit down so quickly I looked around. I walked over to some steps next to where the old man was sitting and sat there. I closed my eyes light and fought against the worries that rose within me like a volcano giving out lava. I closed my eyes once more I pinched my cheeks. Then I opened my eyes slowly, I wasn't in my bed and I wasn't even in my own home. Was this all real? Was I really there, there in the future? I cant and I wont let it be. It's all a dream a nightmare and I want this to END!! NOW!! But it didn't I was still there. Just getting of his chair took so long then he started towards me every step he took seem to be slower then the other. "I wanted to move but I forgot how to I couldn't move for same odd reason, it was like I was stuck, stuck in the floor, as he came out of the shadow to ward the light. ...read more.


"Ben" "Ben was his name. He looked at me once more and said, " I have done you wrong my child not once, not twice but lots of times and I even broke the promise I made to my sister". "Can you forgive me my child?" I was just guessing before when I said, "he was stuck". "But now I really new he was stuck and that there was no way out of there unless I helped him". At least that's what he thought. "Hate me or love me as you will uncle but you have my forgiveness". "I forgive you long time ago". "I just think you never forgave your self for what you have done to me." Ask god for his forgiveness and may your soul rest in peace. Just then I heard my name but this time it was not he, it was a familiar voice a voice that I new but where was it coming from. I run down the steps to look but there was no one to be seen, then I looked up and what I saw was more odd then this, "it was a big hand wide opened ready to give me a smack". "BASH!!" ...read more.

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