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Was Macbeth a victim of the witches, or did he have control over his own destiny?

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Was Macbeth a victim of the witches, or did he have control over his own destiny? I believe that Macbeth was only partly responsible of his own downfall. Christianity and religion connect all most Shakespeare's plays in some way. Christians today believe that you are in control of your own destiny and we can choose our own paths whether it is good or evil, right or wrong. We also believe that that with good comes evil: heaven and hell, because if there was no evil you would not be able to define good. In Shakespeare's time, Christians would have believed that the witches and the Devil would have taken over Macbeth's body and that Macbeth was a victim of evil. The advice Christians today would be to give him up but in the Shakespearean times, Macbeth would have been hanged for being in the league with the devil. So I believe that Macbeth was only partly a victim the three weird sisters gave Macbeth ambition but Macbeth chose his own path, he could of left the three prophesies up to fate or take them into his own hands, which of course he did. In the first scene of Act I the three "weird sisters" meet at the moor and plan to meet Macbeth "There to meet with Macbeth. ...read more.


"Nor heaven peep through the blanket of dark, To cry, "Hold, Hold"" Now in the year 2001 we would believe that it was nothing to do with evil spirits but she just had evil thought and was an evil person. I believe that somehow Lady Macbeth was woven into the witches' plan. The witches knew that Lady Macbeth was very domineering character and would be able to change Macbeth's thoughts and his actions by the click of her fingers. It was almost certain that Lady Macbeth wanted to become Queen and be prestigious and higher than everyone else is so she could have more power over people. She was able to even aid the witches' plan by encouraging Macbeth to do the deed by questioning his manliness. "What beast was't, then, That make you break this enterprise with me? When you durst do it, then you were a man" If the witches were to have chose Lady Macbeth, I think she would question the prophecies of her being Queen because she is a woman not to be led but to lead. * * * * * * * * * * Soon as Macbeth killed Duncan there was a knocking at the door and his weakness showed as he had regretted what he had done "Wake Duncan with thy ...read more.


The witches betray Macbeth by letting the apparitions come true. We are reminded of Banquo because his son Fleance is to become King when Macbeth is not. This would satisfy the audience because Macduff calls Macbeth "hell hound" because Macbeth can see that Macbeth is going to hell for what he has done. * * * * * * * * * * I believe that Macbeth is a tragedy linked with evil spirits including the witches and Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth because she had a damned spot which meant she was in league with the devil. "Out damned spot! Out I say! One; two: why, Then 'tis time to do't" This makes the doctor to believe that he is guilty and going to hell. * * * * * * * * * * I believe that Macbeth lost control the moment he regretted killing King Duncan "Wake Duncan with thy knocking, I wish I could'st" Even before murdering Duncan Macbeth was beginning to lose control because he began to illusinate a dagger before him. He is most definitely influenced by Lady Macbeth and the three witches because even though he had thoughts in his mind about killing Duncan he would of never of gone through with it if it wasn't for Lady Macbeth pushing him to do it. ...read more.

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