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Was Oliver Cromwell A Hero Or A Villain?

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Was Oliver Cromwell A Hero Or A Villain? Oliver Cromwell, a hero or a villain? Well, in this essay I will be giving my views on the question. In a way Oliver Cromwell was a hero because under his command there were no wars. However, his appalling behaviour in Ireland was very villain like. He massacred a lot of Irish people and in most eyes this is despicable. In Ireland, Cromwell proved himself as a villain. On his order he nailed a baby to a church door. This was heartless and ruthless, all the signs of a villain. What man in his right mind would do such a thing? ...read more.


As a result of this and starvation, half of the population died. Catholic services were forbidden and priests were executed. Cromwell would not have any Catholic religion at all. He executed 'God's messengers' as some call them, this shows that Cromwell despises Catholics and wants rid of them. So far I have only told you about the bad aspects of Oliver Cromwell. Yes, there is a good side to him, believe it or not! There were not any wars under Oliver Cromwell's command. He became allies with France. This then resulted in the English not having to go into battle. The poor. Oliver Cromwell was good to the poor; he gave them money and treated them better than they were before. ...read more.


This shows that Cromwell cares for the people. In England, Cromwell did not do anything like he did in Ireland. He didn't massacre anyone or demolish their homes; he was good to the English. So, was Oliver Cromwell a hero or a villain? I hope you have your ideas after reading my essay. In Ireland Cromwell was a villain; he does have his reasons though. Parliament still didn't feel safe after the King was dead. This was because most Irish were Catholics who opposed Parliament. What Cromwell did to the Irish was for a good reason. If he didn't do what he did to the Irish they would have soon fought back and possibly would have done what Cromwell did to them. There was always that possibility, so, Oliver Cromwell in my point of view was a hero. ...read more.

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