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Was September 11 2001 a turning point in world history?

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65% Was September 11 2001 a turning point in world history? Jennifer Gartland HIS120 Assignment 1 Seminar Tutor: Jim Macpherson On September 11 2001 two hijacked planes were flown into New York City's World Trade Centre, both towers collapsed. A third plane was flown into the Pentagon and a fourth plane came down in a field in Pennsylvania, thought to be on its way to Camp David. Around three thousand people died. This essay will look at the reporting of this attack in the immediate aftermath, and subsequent anniversaries. It will consider the sources of information available and determine whether September 11 2001 was a turning point in world history. It will investigate whether it was an event that marked a unique or important change or an event on which important developments depend.1 In the wake of 9/11 the newspapers mirrored the human emotions of shock, sorrow and disbelief. Articles contained statements such as, 'the worst act of terrorism ever seen'2 and 'September 11 has changed the course of human history'3. It was seen as such a life-changing event. Even the president of the United States who is looked upon for support and stability, stated, 'the world has changed and will never be the same again'4. ...read more.


Many reflect on how exaggerated it all was. The Times reported, 'the world economy did not implode last September as some had predicted, the airlines did not collapse en masse because of a public too terrified to fly again, and the security measures introduced in the wake of September 11 have not fundamentally changed the character of ordinary life'11. This is not to say the predictions did not have a ring of truth to them they were just overstated. The economy did slow down and stock prices took a dive, businesses and consumers throughout the world are still feeling the aftershocks of the terrorist attacks but it is surviving and recovering. The airlines did not collapse en masse but they were affected and had to cut jobs, but again the industry is recovering. What is central to speculation now is America's response to 9/11. The theories circulating now are the effects of this response. In an article published on Weblink by Christoph Bertram, the director of the German Institute for International policy and Security, claims that Americans and Europeans are missing the opportunity to learn the lessons of September 11. ...read more.


From the pinnacle of the event up until the event as it stands now there has been many opinions and theories, the latter ones mostly in complete contrast to the initial assumptions. In the immediate wake of September 11 2001 it was almost certain that this event was going to change the course of mankind, no one could believe that this attack could happen, therefore its repercussions would be huge. A year later things were not so fearful, everyday life continued and theories were amended. It was widely understood that this was not going to end in the near future. Two years on and we are in the present time; we still as yet cannot look back at the infamous day and say, 'September 11 2001 was a turning point in world history'. We cannot exclusively use the articles in newspapers and the opinions of eminent figures in the detailing of an historic event. These are classed as intermediate sources21, they do not record what happened, but what is thought to have happened, and they are mainly based on opinion and not fact. This question should be posed in another fifty years when hopefully the outcome of the overall event is known and the facts have become available. ...read more.

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