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Was the police to blame for not capturing Jack the Ripper?

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Was the police to blame for not capturing Jack the Ripper? Today I'm going to decide if the police were to blame for not catching Jack the Ripper. One of the reasons for not catching Jack the Ripper is he was smart, he must of planned out how he was going to do the murders before he actually done them, so he planned out he was going to get away which made it harder for the police to catch him, this is not the police's fought that he did this. ...read more.


Which made it harder to get evidence. Also the police would have received a number of bogus eyewitness accounts and reports that led to them being more and more away from catching him. Also people in the area of white chapel didn't like the police and was reluctant to help them, which made it harder for the police. And even if the public was telling the truth, they couldn't always be sure. ...read more.


So people probably didn't want to help, if they got nothing in return so the police might of lost out in vital information. Also the some of the police couldn't be bothered to do their job properly and they were corrupt so they might have been drunk on the job or asleep or just darn lazy. In conclusion the police wasn't really to blame because the science was in its infancy or the way the town was set out. By Adam Diprose. ...read more.

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