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Was the relationship between Romeo and Juliet genuine love or an immature obsession?

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Was the relationship between Romeo and Juliet genuine love or an immature obsession? Romeo and Juliet is a very famous play by William Shakespeare. The play is about the love of two youngsters that are under a huge constraint to see each other as they belonged to the opposite families. The whole play is based on a tragedy and it so happened to be the most famous play of all William Shakespeare's work. All the themes presented by William Shakespeare involve love and hate, in fact the whole play consists of themes such as love, death and more often ''Hate''. These themes are as applicable to the audience of today as it was to the 16th century audience. When we first meet Romeo he seems to be sad and in despair because of the rejected love by Rosaline, ''this love feel I, that feel no love in this''. Romeo is in constant despair and uses a constant way of speaking like fanciful imagery and rhyming couplets, these shows his elaborate way of speaking, and his emotions are artificial and are not coming from his heart, an immature obsession and infatuated love. Romeo complains that because she refuses to marry, the women he loves will leave no children; her beauty will die with her. Romeo who is from wealthy family is very good with his language as the girl des not love him but he loves her, Romeo plays with words of how love confuses and mixes up, turning order into chaos. ...read more.


Romeo and Juliet exchange vows of love, but both are fearful. Juliet fears because what is happening seems dream-like and that they have not properly discussed their so arranged marriage, ''Too like lightning'', this quote is a fitting description of the two protagonists love, Romeo murders Tybalt shortly after his wedding due to the fact that Tybalt murders Mercutio Romeo's very good friend. Romeo feared that his love for Juliet had weakened his courage so he killed Tybalt once he learned Mercutio was had parted from this world. Juliet learns that Tybalt is dead and Romeo banished. She begins to accuse Romeo of seeming beautiful but acting vilely, but then rebukes her nurse for wishing shame on Romeo. Juliet switches very abruptly from harsh criticism of Romeo to high praise. Juliet is loyal to her husband and believes he must have done it for a good cause, ''shall I speak ill of him that is my husband?''. Even though Juliet has only been Romeo's wife for a mere three hours she still is loyal to him showing us that Juliet's love for her Romeo is true love and not an infatuation. When Juliet heard of Romeo's killing of Tybalt, she laments that a beautiful appearance can hide an evil reality, this is a very good use of oxymoron ''Beautiful tyrant, fiend angelical.'' Juliet also further uses a lot of animal imagery ''O serpent heart...'', to describe Romeo's killing and his appearance and reality of the murder. ...read more.


Shakespeare has emphasised on the fact that it was all fate, the deaths were all foretold in the stars, ''Star-crossed'', ''the yoke of inauspicious stars''. Shakespeare introduces the characters slowly leaving the audience to first meet Romeo during his periods of despair and meeting Juliet when she is called in by the nurse. We first receive an idea of how things are between the feuding families by the fight in public in Verona, the market place which is public and for anyone to roam about if they wish. Immediately between the two families we generate an air of hate which is only natural with a feud. Shakespeare further introduces rejected love with Romeo and Rosaline which is then converted to accepted love between Romeo and Juliet. In conclusion I believe that in my opinion that the relationship between Romeo and Juliet is genuine love and not an immature obsession. I believe this because Romeo and Juliet are young children and they actually die for one another even though they could have found love elsewhere, after all the world is big and they are so ever young. Without hesitation Romeo takes poison as he can not bear to exist without Juliet and Juliet takes her own life by placing a dagger through heart as she cannot exist or lead a normal life without Romeo, this is one of the many reasons I believe Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet is based true love for one another, as the prince says: ''For never was a story more woe than This of Juliet and her Romeo'' English Coursework- Romeo and Juliet 1 Abdalla Abdale ...read more.

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