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Was this it. I had a feeling it was something to do with Papa Ji[3]. Every other day I had gone to visit him in the hospital. I never said anything except from hello and that I was really missing him at home

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Was this it? My Nani Ji1 looked really peaceful that day of her funeral, like everybody does I suppose. At the Gurdwara everyone had sung Shabads2, really nice ones too. I was sitting there listening to the chitter-chatter in the background. We were all still grieving for Papa Ji as it had only been just two days since his funeral. He went so suddenly I can't even fully recall it. ************************* Sitting downstairs, we were all huddled up on the couches together; six of us to each one. All in all there were twelve of us cousins together. We were enjoying the last of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch", wondering whether Sabrina would turn Libby back into a person since she was a pineapple now. The episode finally finished. Arising to our feet, we all went rushing to the kitchen to grab a snack. We, then, attacked the fridge. Harmeet placed all the little multi-coloured cups on the table seeming as we weren't allowed to use the grown-up glasses. Jasmeet got the juice out. Kirath, the biscuits. I went upstairs to my room to go and find something to read. Then, I heard that ringing sound again from downstairs... it was the phone. The monotonous ringing of the phone never really bothered me before but today something was different. Like it wasn't ringing that same "hello" you get on the other side. ...read more.


Well? Think of the good times you had with him. At least he isn't suffering anymore, isn't it?" I supposed it was true what Aunty was saying. I gazed around and saw everyone and I stared at the small fruit fly securing his little spot on the wall and buzzing away. Is this what Cancer did to you? ********************* Just then it occurred to me that my Nani Ji had it too. She was in a hospice. Mummy told me it was a kind of hospital for special people. I had gone to see Nani Ji in the hospice in Eastbourne quite a few times but not that often. I remember the last time I had gone to St. Wilfred's Hospice. When my little eyes met hers my heart leapt up and I felt the light inside me shine. I sat with Nani Ji for a little while and then my brother, my sister and myself went out to play in the tranquil gardens of the hospice. We used to make daisy chains and collect ants on a leaves. About an hour later I said my goodbyes with all my love. Then, I sat in the car on the way home looking out for the Long Man of Wilmington. ********************* I couldn't believe what I was hearing and just then I realised that...that I should just accept it. ...read more.


In the windows the flowers read: DAD. All six siblings including my dad were stood extremely upset along with all his cousins. At the funeral I couldn't control my crying but everyone was there just like me. I just thought, now Papa ji would be sitting in Heaven and he had attained Salvation with God. ********************* I returned to my senses and saw everyone was leaving to go outside. I rose to my feet and went outside to see before me whole rows of flowers so beautiful even the rose couldn't match up. There were bright red geraniums and carnations all arranged to spell out the word: MUM...and SISTER and GRANDMA. It began to drizzle. I moved towards the coffin to say my last goodbyes... then I went home. The days passed by. I left my parents alone so they could recover and I, myself, concentrated in school knowing that it was the one thing that would make my Papa ji and Nani ji proud. My Mama Ji8 she was by far the bravest during that period and even now her prospect of life is still that of an optimist'. The "it".... in the end I found out to be, was something called Death, just another small phase in life. 1 My mum's mum 2 Traditional Hymns sung by the People of the Gurdwara 3 Dad's Dad 4 Dad's older brother 5 Dad's older brother's wife 6 Dad's younger brother 7 Dad's younger brother's wife 8 Dad's mum ?? ?? ?? ?? Sharan Punny Lower 5 alpha ...read more.

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