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Ways the government can help society

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ESSAY IMPORTANT WAYS IN WHICH THE GOVERNMENT CAN IMPROVE THE LIFE OF ITS PEOPLE Plato, the Greek philosopher once said, "Just as skilled men are required in all trades, skilled men are required to lead countries". The Government of a Country today represents these skilled people. The people of the Country have elected and chosen them to represent them to play that vital role. Their aim and priority at all times should be to formulate policies and take decisions that are in the best interest of the country they rule and its people. "Unity in Diversity" a philosophy if implemented by the Governments in all walks of life will break all geographical, linguistic, cultural barriers between the citizens .It would relieve stress, friction, fears and insecurities that have crippled the societies all over the globe. ...read more.


Every Government should strive to achieve hundred percent literacy and least unemployment. Though unemployment today is an issue in the wake of the financial crisis educating the masses is not a distant dream if necessary plans are formulated and funds allotted. Free educations and free meals for children would encourage people to send their children to school and this way we could build an educated and healthy future generation. It would put an end to child labour, which is a dark deep scar and shame for any society. It is essential and a responsibility of the Government to ensure that no child is deprived of childhood pleasures. But of course to implement this the Government needs public co-operation in controlling the population growth. ...read more.


By ensuring efficient and affordable medical aid and facilities like emergency ambulance service, hospitalization etc for all ages and strata of society the Government will surely make a big contribution in the life of people. Encouraging the citizens to maintaining cleanliness and proper hygiene will act as a preventive measure for many diseases. In addition regular health check ups and vaccinations will really help the aging population. Setting up old age homes and centres for physically and mentally handicapped people and providing them opportunities to integrate with the society will teach values and compassion to the residents. The list and areas in which the ruling Government can make a change in the lives of its people is endless. If every step it takes, it places the needs and welfare of the people above everything else the country will be a better place and will bring a smile on every face!!! ...read more.

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