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We all moved to our positions. James, a 7ft tall, broad shouldered man stood in a quiet alleyway behind Barclays Bank. He was wearing a black cap and a long black coat with black shoes

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Lie, cheat and steal. In town one day, I saw w Securicor van parked outside Barclays Bank. As the delivery personnel were carrying the parcels containing money into the bank, they left the van open and the keys of the van inside. A few yards away four distinctive men, whom I was part of, hovered around suspiciously. The sun shone and the calm air felt rich as a smell of freshly baked bread from the nearby bakery lingered in the air. We all moved to our positions. James, a 7ft tall, broad shouldered man stood in a quiet alleyway behind Barclays Bank. He was wearing a black cap and a long black coat with black shoes. Across the road inside the phone box stood Chris. He had been standing in the phone box for the past ten minutes, regularly looking over his shoulder. I sat opposite the banks entrance waiting for the Securicor personnel to exit. I sat pretending to read a four-day-old newspaper. Attached to my jacket I had a microphone and along with that, I had an earpiece inside my ear. I spoke into it whilst pretending to be interested by an article in the newspaper. The Securicor personnel came out of the bank. They walked towards their van whilst cheerfully chatting amongst each other. I warned James. He stood ready. Chris put the phone down and stepped out of the phone box as he saw the men coming. Scott then yelled, "Over here lads, can you give us a hand!" the delivery personnel looked around as they carried on walking forward. ...read more.


I glanced back hoping it was Bradley, who was my inside police officer. He was going to help me double cross Alberto. It was. I took a breath of relief and tapped Scott on the hand giving him the thumbs up sign. He calmed down understanding it was part of the plan. I took out the tranquillizer gun that I planted under my seat when we changed cars. I slowly removed it from its leather casing and loaded it. I looked back fearfully looking for the perfect opportunity to shoot. I asked, "Are we losing them?" Chris and James both looked back as I shot two precise darts from under my headrest at point blank range. I got Chris on the neck and James on the shoulder. I leant over my seat and held them both back so they were not able to remove the darts and within thirty seconds, they were both out cold. I didn't want to kill them but I couldn't let them in on the plan because there would be more chance of something going wrong and then Alberto would hunt us down and kill us. I waved at Officer Bradley who then turned his sirens off. He then followed us to a quiet woodland area. There we parked the car and took the money and jewelry out and placed it in to the police car. I left a suitcase with about two million pounds in the car and I left the car keys in James' pocket. It was hard leaving them but it had to be done. ...read more.


I thought to myself. He couldn't be asleep it was nearly 3 o'clock in England. I turned on the television. I was horror struck by what I saw. The headline news was showing that three men in a black Mercedes had murdered a police officer by the name of Bradley Baxendale last night. The killers had not been caught yet. I called Scott. He was as speechless as was I. We were both petrified. I didn't know what to do. What if Bradley had told him we were in Germany? What would we do now? We were doomed. We would have to go our whole life looking over our shoulders every few minutes knowing Alberto was looking for us. A wave of fear passed through the room as a tear fell form my eye. We had to get out of there. We quickly grabbed our bags frantically throwing all our belongings in there. We were heading to the door when suddenly the phone rang. I answered it. It was the reception desk from downstairs. "Good morning Mr. Hunt." Said the receptionist in a foreign accent. "There is a man heading up to your suite. He refused to give his name." "Can you describe him?" I asked worriedly. "Yes. He is a tall man and is a little chubby. He has a deep voice and is smoking a cigar. He also has two very big men with him." I slammed the phone down and shouted, "Scott! Do not open the door! Alberto's here!" He immediately backed away from the door looking at me in disbelief. I could see fear in his eyes like never before. Suddenly, there was a tough knock at the door. By: Ayaz Rehman Year 11. Ayaz Rehman Year 11 ...read more.

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