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We are slaves to music, models and MTV Im unique!!! I know it!! Are you?

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We are slaves to music, models and MTV "I'm unique!!!" I know it!! Are you? Yes, two people are never alike. Yet, despite our individuality we constantly become slaves to whatever is trending. So even though we are different, we crave to dress like models, use inappropriate, irrelevant words from MTV or listen to pop or rock and roll music even if you don't know what it really means to you. A lot of times I suspect that our thoughts are similar too. In the midst of such mental slavery, a bright individual would normally stand out amongst the crowd! Others see him, admire him and then join him. It becomes fashionable to be like him. ...read more.


Moreover, we rarely think about the negative effects of television programs. An average individual spends approximately four and an half hours watching TV. Most of the programs contain explicit or vulgar contents on MTV. Programs such as Teen Mom, Roadies, 16 and pregnant do not convey a good message to the younger audience. Young children follow whatever they see. They take it as the reality. This may cause trauma to a young consciousness and in combination with the violence may produce an unbalanced and unhealthy conduct. Hence we encounter this phenomenon, children instead of playing leap-and-frog on the open air pretend to be "gangsters" and move around causing harm to one other. ...read more.


In fact- drug taking is one of the most scourges of the present world. It is still fashionable to take drugs, thanks to the artists. But little do they know its devastating effects. Their fans follow whatever their idols do. Anybody who has become addicted to take drugs is doomed to a life in hell. Unless he can get rid of his addiction there is not much hope for him. For the society as a whole, unless taking drugs goes out of fashion, addicts will abound and the associated problems will persist. Next time you take a trip to town, reflect on the clothes you are wearing, the food you are going to eat, and the things you are going to buy and the thoughts you are things about. See how much of these things are subject to fashion. What do you think? Anything that you can find genuinely... "your own?" ...read more.

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