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We are walking down all these long corridors, with lots of doors and then we can see big oak doors with the words TITANIC engraved across it.

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Titanic Passenger I have been waiting for this day for weeks and weeks. I've been preparing for god knows how long. The day the greatest ship of all time sets of to let hundreds of people start a new life in a new country, including me and my family, we can be who we want. But everything has a bad side. I have to leave my Nan behind. I'm just walking up the stairs to get on the ship. I can remember all things we did together, all the times we went to the park, every time we went to the shop and brought sweets for me. I don't want to do this any more. Just 1 more sight of her might lift my spirits and I might be able to go on, just 1 more glimpse might give me strength, just 1 more reassuring smile and I will be uplifted. "You mite want to go to the back and look on the peer." That was my mum. She said that with a really suspicious smile. I run to the back of the ship. I scan the front of the dock, like a robot in search of their target. There she is! I can see her. I flap my arms in a kind of wave, but more like a headless chicken trying to fly. ...read more.


Now I look around to see the huge room we are staying in. I think it is bigger than the whole of the downstairs of my house. I love the living room there is the most magnificent sofa in front of me with the shiniest wooden table. I think even the curtains have more class than the whole of my family. I love this room so much and I haven't even got onto the bedrooms. "Now hurry along and get on that dress that I got you for your Birthday." There is some sort of party for the ship. We walk all the way back to the 2 oak doors. Mum said that behind the doors that is the main hall. As we walk in there are 2 doormen on either side to open the door they do it with magnificent effort and as we walk pass them they wish us a good evening. We sit on our table and there is Jo an old friend of ours. The hall was humongous with a band in the corner with a dance floor in front of them. Eventually the party has finished. We are now on our way to our room on the other side of the ship. It is like past 11o'clock. There is a big jerk forwards and we all fall to the floor. ...read more.


The life I dreamed I dreamed of in America is now well out of my clutches, ill be lucky to even get out of this boat alive. It is now basically impossible to get out, I have a seriously bad head injury, the water is rising all the time, I can't even walk I have to try to float to the top and I feel really dizzy after that blow to the head. I dive down to see whether there is another way out. Then a steel girder from the structure comes tumbling down from the roof and misses me by bare inches. I look up and there is another one falling in almost slow motion right in front of my face, it is too late. My life flashes before my eyes, I see all the times with Nan in the park and all the times at school with my friends. Then the steel girder hits me square in the face and drags me down all the way back to the bottom of the ship, which was the front. My leg is trapped under the girder; I think I have broken my leg. The blow to the head made the injury worse, my head now feel like it has been cracked open. I can see the blood in the water over my head. I'm trying to lift the girder of my leg, I can't. My head now feels faint, I can't hold my breath for any longer, I pass out again, but this time will I wake up. ...read more.

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