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"We don't live alone. We are all members of one body. We are responsible for each other". What is Priestley's main aim in 'An Inspector Calls'? How successfully does he achieve it?

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'Rise with the sun.' That is what most of the slaves called it. The slaves at Belle Grove Plantation were instructed to do so by Master Weaver and if they didn't he would beat them. As soon as the sun was up they started work. Myrta, a young girl of about 14, had grown up on the Bell Grove Plantation. She was born there and thought she would stay there until the day she died. She worked on the field since she was able to walk and talk. Myrta didn't have many friends; she just kept herself to herself and tried to cope with the everyday life on the Plantation. "Missy, could ya pass me dat basket?" Myrta asked a girl to her left. Missy thrust it at her. She wasn't the nicest person and they never seemed to get along. The girl to her right looked at her sympathetically. Harriet, one of her friends, worked right next to her but her other friend, Clotee, worked in the Big House. Because of this Harriet and Myrta hardly ever got to see Clotee. Myrta, Clotee and Harriet were very good friends and often sneaked out of their quarters at night to see each other, but they daren't be to noisy for fear of getting caught. If Master Weaver ever found out they would be as good as dead. Also if Missy ever knew, she would no doubt tell Miss Weaver. She did all the bribing on the Plantation and it always encouraging all the slaves to tell on other slaves to get something nice, like sweets, shoes or extra clothes. ...read more.


But just after that thought had crossed her mind, the whistle blew. This meant an inspection. "Of all the days, it has to be the day Myrta over sleeps." Harriet thought. She was going to be beaten for sure. Master Weaver knew exactly how many slaves he had and knew instantly when any were missing. Harriet's heat pounded against her ribs harder and harder as he moved down the line toward her and the gap next to her, where Myrta should be. She dreaded what would happen if he noticed and he ALWAYS noticed! As he came closer Harriet could feel a look of guilt spread across her face. "Where is she?" Master Weaver asked calmly. "I dunno, Sir," Harriet replied trembling, "So; you know who I am talking about then?" Harriet dared not answer, now she was sure for a beating as well now. "We do not put up with liars on this plantation!" He yelled and the top of his voice. The tone of his voice was cold and hard. She could feel it right at the bottom of her heart. "I will ask you again. Where is she?" Master Weaver bellowed whilst pacing in front of her. "I-I think she-uh-is sleeping." Harriet clasped her hands over her mouth, she couldn't believe that she had just told on one her best friends! "Go get her!" He Bellowed in the direction of Waithe, who promptly hurried off to retrieve her. Whilst Waithe was gone he explained to the whole group about what happened to lazy, lying slaves. ...read more.


Slowly she pulled what seemed like a pouch of papers out of the hollow trunk. They looked like a diary, it can't have been a slaves diary none of them knew how to write! But scrawled on the front in a messy scrawl was, Myrtas Diary DO NOT READ! Harriet ignored the front instruction and turned the paper to read. As she started reading she realised this was everything that had been happening in Myrtas life for the last year! "Clotee this is her diary!" Harriet shouted across the hill, Clotee ran over, "But she couldn't write!" "Well that's what she TOLD us!" Harriet said whilst looking through the diary. She turned to the last page, there in what looked like a very rushed scrawl was written, Dis will be da last time I rite in here I died tryin to be free I will be free in heaven Good bye Myrta xxx They looked up and both started filling up. They gave each other a hug as the tears rolled down their already moist cheeks. Harriet was still hugging Clotee when she spotted the barn. She pushed away from Clotee and started running, Clotee followed. They ran down the hill where the Big Oak stood and toward the barn as they came to the barn they both slowed to a walk. As they walked into the barn they instantly saw the shape of a person swinging on a piece of a bedraggled string from a beam in the old barn, as the shape turned they saw it was Myrta. Rise With the Sun Alexandra Jean Fulker 10SB English-Original Writing ...read more.

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