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'We don't live alone we are members of one body we are responsible for each other`. These were the exact words of Inspector Goole the character produced by J.B Priestly

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An Inspector Calls 'We don't live alone we are members of one body we are responsible for each other`. These were the exact words of Inspector Goole the character produced by J.B Priestly. Throughout the whole play these words were the most important and the most meaningful words transferred from J.B Priestly to the audience, these words remind us that there are people around us and we must appreciate them and their situations. It also means we are all humans and we must not have different classes of people or a culture, a religion or anyone, J.B Priestly tells the audience discrimination of any kind should not be tolerated. Finally the words explain to us we must help each other to get through our problems, we must help each other solve these problems like a mature team and we must be careful we don't hurt anyone else through the process of supporting ourselves. The play An Inspector Calls was first produced in London on 1 October 1946 at the New Theatre. The play only consists of seven characters produced by J.B Priestly. I think he only created seven characters to keep the play easy to understand and to get his points across to the audience without confusion. All three of the Acts are set in the dining room of the Birlings' house in Brumely an industrial city in the North Midlands. The play was set on an evening in spring, 1912. ...read more.


But after the workers came back from their holidays they a bit more money, several more pennies as Mr.Birling was paying them the average. Mr.Birling said it would be responsibility so he told her to clear out. Mr.Birling thought that she would've got into trouble, he thought she would've gone on the streets. So that was the first time that power and wealth were polluted, and Eva was sacked from her job. Next she luckily got a job at Milwards, a shop that sold women garments; it was a very well known and commendable shop. Sheila Birling took Eva to her second step towards death; she did this by getting her sacked by Milwards. It all happened when Sheila went to Milwards with her mother, she went there to try something on, it was an idea of her own, her mother and the assistant were against it but Sheila insisted on trying it out. It didn't suit her at all. Sheila felt angry and was jealous with Eva; this was because as Eva brought the garment towards Sheila and put it next to herself, then she gave Sheila a smile, who thought it was pure cheek. Sheila later in the play admits that she was jealous because the garment looked perfect on Eva. So she went to the management of Milwards and threatened them that if they never dismissed Eva from the job they would close their account, because the Birlings were one of their best customers with a great account, they sacked Eva. ...read more.


J.B Priestly makes the audience learn threw the play that Jerald Croft, Sheila and Eric Birling felt bad and regretted what they had done to Eva, but, Mr. and Mrs. Birling had no sympathy whatsoever for Eva Smith. If think the point that J.B Priestly raises is that the younger population is improving, they are starting to realise that all humans are equal. J.B Priestly gives us hope for the future, hope for the poor and powerless as well as the rich and powerful. I heard and saw J.B Priestly's points and agreed with them. I felt they were really getting across to me through the attitude of the Birlings and Gerald Croft towards Eva Smith, which lead her all the way to death through five difficult steps. Inspector Goole points out to the Birlings and Gerald Croft that there are more people out there and you must be very careful and responsible for your actions. At this point of the play I felt that J.B Priestly was appealing to the world to respect others. I think his play was very successful and the issues, which he raised, were excellent, but the way he raised them with only seven characters in one room was purely remarkable. The issues he raised really got me thinking about what kind of people there are in the world and the tragedies that are happening all over the world that we don't even get hear of. J.B Priestly's play was definitely a success. ...read more.

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