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We had been in Toronto for exactly a week and had 4 days left. Every day all we did was shop; not much else had happened. Tomorrow a trip to Niagara Falls was planned, I couldnt wait.Then the lights went off.

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Siobhan Miller - English Walking through a Powerless City My mum and I had been shopping all day, so when we arrived back at the hotel we were weary and decided to go to our room. We sat on our beds reading magazines. We had been in Toronto for exactly a week and had 4 days left. Every day all we did was shop; not much else had happened. Tomorrow a trip to Niagara Falls was planned, I couldn't wait. Then the lights went off. At first we didn't think anything of it and carried on reading our magazines, it was only 4 o' clock so there was still enough light to read. After about half an hour I tried the light switch. Nothing happened. For some reason, the room had lost its electricity supply. Mum opened the door to our room. The passage way was pitch black. Our floor must have lost power. Quickly, she closed the door again. There was plenty of light from the window so the room wasn't dark. But we were afraid to go into the corridor. We were on the sixteenth floor, and suddenly it felt too high. I started to think about how we were going to get down onto the ground floor and outside the hotel. ...read more.


That was when I realised it wasn't just our hotel, it was the whole city block. People had come out of the skyscrapers because of the lack of light in them. I could hear conversations of confused people saying all different things. 'The whole city!' 'No, I've heard news from Oshawa, Montreal and Boston as well.' My parents and I stepped inside a coffee shop, hoping to find the slightest slither of chair to sit down on and take stock of the situation. 'Hay!' There was a man in the corner who was demanding everyone's attention, he had a small battery radio in his hand. 'I've got news off my radio. There was a fire in a generating station in upstate New York, the Darlington Generating station.' 'Have they shut the reactor down?' A panicking voice from the crowd in the room shouted. He received dirty looks and abandoned that line of questioning. The man in the corner carried on, but this time with a smile on his face, 'Guess what the Americans think it is? Terrorism.' Everyone in the coffee shop burst out laughing. This particularly tickled me, the Americans think everything is terrorism and don't like to take the blame. ...read more.


It was a soothing gift in the heat of the dying afternoon. Mint chocolate chip and mango sorbet had always been my favourite flavours and these guys had everything! I did however have to have it in a small round tub instead of a cone, because these were cheaper and the ice cream parlour was already losing money. I could have stayed longer, but I left reluctantly when I could eat no more. I made a mental note to remember the location of this oasis: I intended to go back there as a paying customer in the near future. It was by now early evening, and as the dusk fell we turned westwards towards the hotel. The sun was going down and the fading light from the setting sun cast long shadows along the sidewalks. People had stopped moving, and instead were sitting and talking. It was bizarre: no cars or other city sounds, just the sound of people talking. The shadows grew longer, then disappeared as we approached the hotel, swallowed by the hungry dark. Everything was in darkness, broken only by the occasional flickering light of a candle, the occasional dot of glowing red from a cigarette, or the flash of a torch. A disembodied voice floated out over the darkness and the murmur of conversations. 'Go to bed! The whole world's out of power. Go to bed!' ?? ?? ?? ?? Siobhan Miller English Coursework ...read more.

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