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We lived in a small town.

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We lived in a small town. No one new really came to our town and no one ever seemed to leave so it was kept isolated from the rest of the world. My parents had a great deal of money and had investments in almost all of the farms and stores in town. We had money, power, beauty, even parades; we had everything that was glamorous. Everyone in town seemed to love my parents but me. No one knew what I knew. Beneath the surface of gold lay nothing but a tarnished piece of metal. My family was held together, not with love but by greed. I grew up with the rule: children are to be seen and not heard. I knew my top priority was not to have fun but to play the part of a perfect child in a perfect family in a perfect world. If I ever screwed up a line I would be locked in a dark, barren room with no food for a day. At the end of the day my mother's husband would hit me a few times before he let me out. As I grew older I started to realize that this is not normal. I came to the realization that my mother married her husband for the money and power and he married her for her beauty only. He knew it would bring him more fame in his little town. ...read more.


She invited me to come stay with her for a while. Something felt wrong but I thought I would feel better with someone else around so I agreed. The next day I went to find someone to bury Jade. I spent the entire day asking everyone in town, I ended up begging and pleading with anyone who would listen but everyone refused to help. Not even Anna, my own best friend, would help me. I gave up as the sun went down and retired to my parent's house. Early the next day I went to my house and started digging a large hole in the backyard, right in the center of the flower garden. I spent the entire day digging, as the sun went down I retired to my parent's house once again. On the third day I went to my house once again and carried Jade's body from the living room to the backyard. I dropped it into the grave and started to cover his body with earth. A little after I finished the sunset. I was feeling more and more uneasy each day so I went to the kitchen and took a knife to slip under my pillow. Then I retired to my parent's house for the night. When I awoke I felt a little better so I went to talk to my mother, and discovered I had slept through an entire day. My mother and I talked for a long time about my sorrows and soon the sun was setting once more so I retired to bed. ...read more.


I was in a forest miles from my home so I slept there for the night. The next day I walked to a nearby city to start a new life. As I walked through this I town I heard stories of a small town. A girl had killed her parents. Since the family was so loved by the town's people the two victims were buried the moment they were found. I was told to look out for this girl because she was thought to be dangerous and should be killed on sight. Every time I heard one of these stories I felt queasy and I knew I could never go back. I was losing all hope. When I was in this town I found a piece of paper in my pocket that would give me the strength to live. It was in Jade's handwriting. I recognized it to be a letter he wrote me a few months before we got married. It read: Katrina, I love you so very much. I know we were made for each other, we belong together. Though for some reason there is a force composed of all things hateful and evil that is trying to keep us apart. No matter what happens, whether we stay together or fall apart, I want you to know I will always love you and my heart and spirit will be with you forever. I promise. Please never give up. If you ever feel weak, think of me and I will be there to guide you. Never give up, ever, if not for you at least do it for me. I love you now and forever ...read more.

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