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We spend a lot of time contemplating our heroes, don't we? As romance writers, we endlessly examine what kind of man makes our hearts flutter and our pulses pound.

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We spend a lot of time contemplating our heroes, don't we? As romance writers, we endlessly examine what kind of man makes our hearts flutter and our pulses pound. Certainly, the hero of any romance must capture the reader's attention and make her fall in love. But what about the heroine? Often she falls by the wayside, a shadowy character that gets in the way of our affection and attachment to the hero. But just as a strong villain can make a stronger hero, a heroine that is as interesting as the love of her life, will force the hero to be a more worthy man. Let's look at heroines and think about the essential qualities that every romantic heroine should have. ...read more.


So, what are the key ingredients that can make your heroine memorable? First, a romantic heroine must CONNECT. She can't be so ditzy that she drives the reader mad. She can't be so bossy that she turns off everyone. She must have a kernel of her personality that the reader can grab onto and say; "I understand where she's coming from." The heroine of a romance novel can start the story with a chip on her shoulder. She can have a burning desire to climb Mt. Everest or do something that no sane woman would contemplate. But there's got to be some quality or trait that will endear her to the audience, in order for them to cheer for her eventual happiness. ...read more.


After all, she gets the perfect man, so she should be worthy of this ideal love. Though she might have a run in her stocking or never pay her taxes on time, she must prove to the reader that she deserves what she's getting. To do this, she must change or grow into a woman that is a match for the hero. These three ingredients, when used wisely, will elevate your heroine into the pantheon of memorable women that populate some of the best romances. If your heroine CONNECTS to the audience, if she has the STRENGTH to win her battles, and if she DESERVES THE HERO by the end of the story, then your heroine will be one of those characters that readers will take to their hearts. ...read more.

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