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We traced the hills up 4000 feet and still had another 2000 feet to go. We were moving towards the Russian base

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´╗┐The Cliff-hanger It is the year 2015 and I along with my captain are making our way up the mountains somewhere in eastern Russia. Our mission of this expedition is to find a hard drive which contains some very important undercover information about the Russian terrorist Macarov and his plans of a nuclear missile launch which will kill magnitudes of masses in US. ?Be careful here Roach,? exclaimed captain McChrystal, ?climbing such mountains can be very risky.? ?Don?t worry Captain,? I replied, ?you are with a professional mountaineer here.? We traced the hills up 4000 feet and still had another 2000 feet to go. We were moving towards the Russian base. Both of us kept moving our alpines left and right to make our way up the hills. After a few hours when we were almost at the foot of Russian base we encountered some serious problem. We had to jump five metres off a cliff to get to the other end where the base was located. The jump was crucial and non-optional and even a small mistake could have lead us to death. ?See you at the other side Roach,? said captain McChrystal in a confident tone. He accomplished the task very easily. Now it was my turn. I backed up and then ran in full speed and finally jumped off. ...read more.


The flight was very hard to accomplish and I had no hopes considering my previous jump which was only 5 metres. To my surprise I was successful with the jump but the landing was not a smooth one. I looked back and saw Macarov too had jumped off that slope behind us. I stood out of the snowmobile and took out my knife, but I could not find him anywhere. I finally noticed him nesting under a rock. I quickly aimed the knife at him but he responded by snatching the knife and forced it in my stomach. I landed on the ground with a thud. Macarov took advantage and aimed his pistol at my head but luckily captain McChrystal came and snatched the pistol away. They both soon entered in a fist fight. I steadily pulled out the knife of my stomach and aimed it at Macarov and made a perfect shot right into his heart. Macarrov just laid there in the white snow with a pool of blood on the side slowly melting the snowing by its warmth. Then I hear Macarov groaning out his last words. ?You are too late; the missile will be launched any second now.? In front of us, there is a sudden opening in the ground. Out of nowhere came not one but four missiles. ...read more.


It took us approximately four hours to get across Europe and into the Atlantic Ocean. ?Did u receive any signals from the missiles yet captain,? I said. ?We?re only couple miles away,? said Captain McChrystal Suddenly I noticed the four missiles in front of us. Captain McChrystal reduced the speed in order to have a perfect aim. It?s going to be missile vs. Missile. Carefully targeting the first two, Captain launches two missiles in the air. It is a success, the two nuclear missiles land into the ocean. Another target is made for the other two missiles. We are not successful this time, only one of the two missiles was stopped. Also we were out of missiles. ?What are we going to do now Captain?? I asked. ?I?m going to bring the plane in the way of the missile,? said Captain McChrystal. ?No!!? I yelled, ?I am coming along with you? ?It?s been an honour working by your side,? said Captain McChrystal with a heavy heart. Captain McChrystal suddenly presses the eject button, ejaculating me into the air. The parachute opens and I land into deep Blue Ocean. Far ahead, I hear an explosion. Captain McChrystal has given his life for the country. ?Hello!!? I yell into my headset Thankfully I get a response. ?Yes, where are you Sgt. Roach,? it is a familiar voice. I later realize that its Ghost. ?I?m somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean,? I replied ?Don?t worry Roach, help is on its way.? Word Count: 1794 ...read more.

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