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We will be looking at spoken Language of TV chefs Nigella lawson and Jamie Oliver

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´╗┐There are many differences between spoken language and written language. For example in spoken language it is conveyed by sound, as you hear and listen to it. Where as in written language in is conveyed by written symbols. Also in Spoken language it is more likely to contain non-standard English, however in written language It is more likely to mantain standard english. In spoken language it often contains 'errors' as it is unedited and fairly realistic, in written language mistakes and errors are less tolerated. There are many types of Spoken Language, for example idolect, socialect and dialect. An idiolect is an individuals own personal language. Some people have a varied vocabulary, some people are very repetitive. Some people are long winded, some are straight to the point.So it is slang that an individual person may use. Sociolect is a dialect spoken by a group of people usually divided by social class. In the UK, some people sound very "posh" which means they use a higher class dialect, and some people sound "common" which refers to a lower more working class dialect. ...read more.


Jamie Oliver has a very distinctive essex accent. When qualified chefs are speaking some people would expect that they would have quite a formal manner. Where as his voice and his accent makes him come across as more familiar to the viewer. His voice could come across as comforting to certain people. Jamie is usually shown on channel 4, which is seen as a channel based towards young people compared to a channels such as Channel 1 and 2. Some people may find his accent and informal manner as innapropriate for channels such as channel 1 and 2. In the past regional accents were not very exectable or common for telivision. Now they are more common on the television screens which shows that there has been a change in social attitudes. Nigella comes across with a very different approach. Her recieved pronunciation reflects her upring in a middle to upperclass family. It comes across like she is very sophisticated and educated, which my put faith it the veiwer and trust what she is saying. ...read more.


The pace at which she talks is very slow and controlled, with ease when cooking and her refined spoken language refines this. However Jamies transcript was littered with fillers, this may be because his image as "naked chef" suggests a more natural and authentic approach to cooking there for he wouldn't need to come across in a formal mannor. Within Jamies transcript he repeats his words quite a few times. For example he uses the word "brilliantly" 3 times in the same sentance for the viewer to have faith in him, and his instructions. Also it really puts emphasis on what he is saying to show how passionate he is about his cooking. Within Nigellas transcript she repeats the word "incredibly" again to put emphasis on the certain section that she is talking about. The structure of the two Chefs in the video is different to a recipe because usually in a recipe it is introduced with ingredients, and they tell you step by step what you have to do and all the things that you have to prepare. Where as in a situation like this, the Chefs just tell you as you go along because you can see what they're doing and it saves time. ...read more.

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