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Weeping Mirror.

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Weeping Mirror By Cornelia Nicole De Alwis As he turned around, he smiled at me and said, "Katie, could you please pass me that bottle of water?" I placed the bottle in his hand and he thanked me. As he went back to concentrating on his driving, he took a sip out of the bottle. "Daddy, can I wind down the window?" I asked. "Sure, honey." he replied and turned off the air-conditioner. I wound the window down and the wind blew in my face and hair so wild that I could barely keep my eyes opened, but it felt good. The smell of green grass and spring flowers filled my nostrils. My heart was at peace. Daddy turned on the radio and made the moment perfect. It is amazing how little things can create wonderful moments. Taking in another whiff of fresh air suddenly, I heard a gasp. The wind started to pound hard on my ears and I could hear a deafening screech. Everything outside seemed to be rotating around me. Round and round. Faster and faster. ...read more.


A woman in a sheer white dress walked in. She was about in her forties and she had long, wavy dark brown hair. She smiled at me and greeted me, "Hello, Katie." It took me awhile to answer her, "Who are you? Where am I?". "My name is Celia." She replied, as she took me by the hand and led me to the balcony. The sky was clear blue with light streaks of pink but my eyes widened when I saw that below was not land but huge, white fluffy clouds. There were no trees, no roads, no people - just clouds. I turned to Celia and asked her again, "Where am I?" She did not reply. She simply smiled. I looked out the balcony again and my heart began to race as I started to realise where I was. "A-am I in h-heaven?" I stammered. Celia nodded. I could not bring myself to say it. I died. "Where's daddy?" I asked. She took me by the hand again and brought me to a white dressing table with a huge mirror. ...read more.


I miss him so much. I miss his warm smile. The next day, I was buried in St. Peter's Memorial Park. There were only a few people at the ceremony. Daddy got me a bunch of white roses. I love white roses. Maybe because they smelled like mummy. Her scent was the only thing I could remember of her. I wish mummy was still alive then daddy would not have to be alone. After everyone left, daddy walked to the lake nearby and stood by the bank. He picked up a pebble and threw it out to the lake. He picked up another pebble and did the same thing but harder. He repeated the same thing over and over again but every time he seemed to be more and more enraged. And then, all of a sudden, he fell on his knees and broke down into tears. He mumbled to himself, "Why?" I reached out to touch him again but I still could not, I longed to touch him and speak to him once more. All I need is one chance. Under my breath, I softly said, "I love you, daddy." I think he must have heard me because he looked up and he smiled. Cornelia Nicole De Alwis 5 Beta...................... ...read more.

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