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Weeping Woman.

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Weeping Woman The pallid silk sheet of the moon dappled light across the lifeless world, as it stood all-alone. This house was full of dead dreams and they floated around an ancient silhouette. In the centre of the cold room a shadow was cast upon the floor. The walls were damp leaking out old memories belonging to the weeping woman. The silent house was pitch black creating a haunted impression. A single flame lit every room and corridor of the dwelling. There was no movement in the house, only occasional gasps whispered into the ear. Neither daylight nor life from the outer world could be seen; it was as if the world was in upon itself. The rain pattered dismally flickering against the panes of the open window nearly burning out the solitary candle, but glimmers of the half extinguished light could still be seen. Wet dew hung upon the alcove where she sat. The house exuded the remoteness and cold silence of the grave, which the weeping woman faced in the past. Its silence echoed loudly the agony and torment that the woman had suffered but mute it remained, secretive and placid awaiting recognition. ...read more.


The cameo had been in his family for generations. It showed a lovely young women looking happy and very much in love. Jake was surprised and walked over to the picture. As he reached down to pick it up, he saw a letter hanging on to a piece of shattered glass. It read, "To my dearest ones; I'll always love you. Your darling mother." A few lines below was an address: 'Del A' Rosa Mansion, Magrill.' He was curious as and about what he had found. After a restless night he drove from the coast to Magrill. On his map he located the mansion and drove further on. Hours later he stumbled upon a wrecked house which presumably was ' Del A' Rosa Mansion.' Jake clambered out of his car and pushed open the squeaky gate. He was shocked. A light flickered in the near distance, so he walked towards the guiding light. It looked as if it was coming from inside but he was not able to see as the glass window was steamy. Lifting open the window he squeezed his body inside landing on the firm floor. ...read more.


He told his friends and children that she had gone to see her parents who lived far away. An important extract laid on a piece of paper said, ' I married her for the treasures she would bring and nothing else, but at the end of he day when fake love disappeared she would have to be removed. Still after this drama, the kids were a pain with their annoying questions and smart comments something had to be done. Many days later I thought to myself what better thing to do than to drown them. My great elegant life with all my riches was just about to start.' After reading the diary he sat thinking about his past ancestor and what she must have gone through and was seeking reconciliation by finding someone to give her a proper burial so she can rest in peace. He hung his head between his legs, the book slid helplessly from his limp hands as Jake comes to grip with the tragedy that had occurred here and how the dead woman and the mansion that she loved very much survived for many centuries trying to bring the truth to the forefront. So the secret was revealed. Jake knew the real story that had been hidden behind doors for years on end. ...read more.

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