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Weird and Gillies

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Weird and Gillies The two figures in front of the laundrette were caught up in a heated exchange and were oblivious to the stares and irritated comments of the passersby. 'I tell you it was here' shouted the tall slender girl. 'I had just come up from the underground over there when suddenly the rain came from nowhere. I ran along the street, people were running everywhere trying to get out of the rain. I darted into this shop entrance just to shelter for a while' she said animatedly. 'I was the only one in the entrance; everybody else seemed to not to notice me, though there was loads of room and it was still absolutely teaming down, nobody else seemed to see....' 'It went dead cold, and I started shivering, so I pushed on the door to the shop and the old bell above the door tinkled as I went inside and again as I shut the door'. ...read more.


wow! I'd never seen material like it, she was dressed all in black of course but it was like it was made of living bat wings and snake skin or maybe even something even more cool like lizard or, or, or dragon skin!!' the girl laughed trilley, her tone touched with a slight trace of hysteria. 'The shop assistant smiled to me and said in a kind of foreign hissing voice 'can I help you my dear, vot are you seekink to buy in Weird & Gillies today?' ' I have much of interest in the back of the shop for an 'ordinaire'.... I mean a young ...girl like you, come let me show you ' she cackled, rising up from behind the counter. 'I looked down and she was like floating inches above the ground towards me!' ...read more.


'that's what I've been trying to tell you it was right here next to Nat west and the KFC'...'but they are next to each other, there is no other shop between them...' her friend said 'Yes I know!' she pleaded, 'but I'm absolutely sure it was here and that was where the shop assistant was standing right there' she pointed to a spot in front of the bank, 'dressed in the strangest clothes I've ever seen!' The two girls walked off, in their busy lives they would soon forget this event, but maybe not had they had heard the faint tinkle of a shop bell and turned around and looked one more time to see a strangely dressed person exit from the dimly lit shop between the bank and the fast food outlet and click his heals together once and just vanish....like all the extraordinary people in their hidden world never witnessed by all those 'ordinaries' in the drab city as they are known by the extraordinaires..... ...read more.

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