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WeLearn A Lot About Values In

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We Learn A Lot About Values In "Silas Marner" What Lessons Does Silas Marner Learn About What Is Truly Valuable In Life? Silas Marner by George Eliot is a novel about a man who loses everything but gains more than he originally lost. First of all Silas is accused of stealing church money and murdering the town deacon. Silas expected God to clear him of the crime, but when the church members drew lots, Silas was determined guilty and quite naturally rejected by the Lantern Yard community. He is cast off by Sarah who he was to marry and all that ends with Silas having no more trust in God; he has nothing left at Lantern Yard so he leaves. Silas makes money through weaving at Raveloe, he uses it as a substitute for respect and friendliness. He hoards money in bags under the hearth because he has no-one to share it with because he has isolated himself from the Raveloe people and behaves very strangely towards them which denies them any access to him. ...read more.


Silas is forced to go to the villagers with his grief of the lost gold and the villagers are very sympathetic towards him and search the entire village but find nothing. His home is now referred to as "his robbed home" his fire is no longer red and gold with warmth but becomes grey. He now welcomes visitors and starts developing friendships. "Formerly his heart had been as a locked casket with its treasure inside; but now the casket was empty and the lock was broken." Godfrey gets engaged to Nancy Lammeter who is also an equally wealthy person after finding out of Molly Farren's death after she froze to death in the snow. The child with golden hair wanders into his home and lies in his hearth. As Silas walks back inside, his eyes nearsighted and weak from his years of close work at the loom, he sees what he thinks is his gold on the floor. Eppie was a gift of greater value than gold and Silas now returns his trust in God. ...read more.


Silas Marner and Eppie are put in very different places, by George Eliot, in unusual situations so as to allow them opportunities to make real choices. And, neither of whom chooses the traditional, biologically determined family. Marner stays a responsibility free hermit until he takes on Eppie in a revelatory moment and Eppie chooses her foster father above her biological one though both have rightful claims on her. Perhaps Eliot "supports family values" but that is a secondary message to the less traditional message that one must choose one's family to begin with. This message is not just an extreme in a two-sided relationship, for it is the middle ground between its own two opposites, which include the possibilities of not having a family at all and going with the one you are biologically given. This novel is not a tale of black and white, right and wrong, it is more complex. "Silas Marner" teaches the values of honesty, kindness, and courage as it entertains, and is still quite a radical, intriguing vision of the world. ...read more.

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