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Wemmick - Character Analysis.

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WEMMICK - CHARACTER ANALYSIS Wemmick is a clerk at Mr. Jaggers' office. In this book, we get introduced to Wemmick during the second stage of pip's life, in page 157. Wemmick is a very important character in the story as he greatly helps the protagonist, pip after he goes to London. He is the person who gives pip the money allotted to him by his benefactor, whenever required and furnishes him with his basic needs. Interestingly Wemmick has two different distinct personalities. One surfaces when he is at his work place and the other when he is back at home. Wemmic himself tells pip about this in page 192. He says, " The office is one thing and private life is another. When I go into the office, I leave the Castle behind me, and when I come into the Castle, I leave the office behind me." At his work place we come across Wemmick as being very stern and unruffled. This characteristic in him can be seen in page 157, pip says, "We found a new set of people lingering out side, but Wemmick made a way among them by saying coolly yet decisively, 'I tell you all, its no use; he (Mr. ...read more.


While this was the sterner, more coarse nature of Wemmick, back at home, he was much more concerned about various things and was very friendly. Wemmick's 'caring and concerned' characteristic can be seen in page 238.Talking about his father he tells pip, "He is in wonderful feather. He'll be 82 next birthday. I have a notion of firing eighty-two times, if the neighbourhood shouldn't complain and that cannon of mine should prove equal to the pressure." This also goes to show how much he loved his father. Wemmick's friendly nature surfaces when he at his home. This can be witnessed in page 192 where pip recalls, " The interval between that time and supper, Wemmick devoted to showing me his collection of curiosities." And in page 193 he says, "wemmick was up early in the morning, and I am afraid I heard him cleaning my boots. After that he fell to gardening and I saw him from my gothic window pretending to employ the Aged and nodding at him in the most devoted manner. ...read more.


Wemmic knew & understood his master, Mr. Jaggers' behavior very well. While talking to Pip about Mr. Jaggers, in page 189 he says, "Well, he is going to ask the whole gang and whatever he gives you, he will give you good. Don't look forward to variety, but you'll have excellence. And there is another Rum thing in his house and he never lets a door or window be fastened at night." Another important characteristic of Wemmick is that he was furtive and clandestine in his activities. He is very secretive and this characteristic in him can be witnessed in page 338 where he simply tells Herbert to move the convict to Mrs. Clara's house but does not reveal to him the fact that pip was in danger from Compeyson. In page 345, we observe that Wemmick never reveals to anybody the fact that he often spoke to many prisoners and during one such meeting he came to know that Pip's life was in danger. Well.....this is the end of Wemmick's character analysis. ...read more.

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