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West Chempsin F.C. Creative Writing

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West Chempsin F.C "Budzi, move that damn ball forward! All these youngsters nowadays. They flirt around in the middle of the pitch and the upper third; dribbling past out rushing defenders and hopping around, just to move the ball back again. No! Joe move it forward, keep the pressure on them, not to Kris. Joe's a very talented youth, he's been scouted by a couple of division 2 and 1 clubs. Been with us since relegation, very loyal lad, had the chance to leave and join a league side, but he didn't. I respect that a lot. Fine lad Little Joe is! What you never! That ball clearly went back ref! Budzi's on to a winner. Fa Que makes a darting run down the left flank, defenders all tripping over themselves to get back, then when Fa Que pulls the ball back to Budzi, ref calls Budzi up for offside. Never, the ball clearly went back! Oh well, can't dwell too much on the past. Fa Que, he's our Asian star. Rarely steps out of line, need a bit of discipline in these modern sides, can't have players being red carded left right and centre. ...read more.


Extremely fresh. Well they were the dark days of the clubs 40-year history, many thanks to our fans. No! Nosher, you fool, you've only gone and done it again! Oh when will you learn? He goes in two footed on their number 10, a short speedy lad, knocked him flat. The lad rolls around on the floor in agony, there's no blaming him. Nosher, gets it into his small head, that this lads over exaggerating it to the ref. And so, as all self-controlled players do, goes over to him, picks the lad up by his collar calls him a "Two faced little ****er" and smacks him right bang in between his eyes as hard as he could. Nosher, why did you do that? He insulted you? And how did he do that, exactly? He looked at you? Oh in a menacing way. So that makes it ok for you to knock him un-conscience? You know what the Association will do about his now don't you? No, Nosher, they won't be wiping each other's bottoms with it! They will ban you for the next 5 games. Yes, Nosher, they have a perfect right to. ...read more.


Now, now! NO! 1's each. No, no, no, this can't be, no. 83 minutes and its 1 each. No, so close. 3 points, was what we needed, just 3 points. Goals were in our advantage, with Billington drawing on Tuesday, it was in our hands today, but we couldn't do it. 5, 4, 3, 2 and now its extra time, 2 minutes left to play. Everyone up for this corner, yes you as well Rich. There's no need for you to stay back, a draws no good get up NOW! Joe in now. Cleared, well that's it. No wait back in by Janik. Stuey makes contact, over every ones head. Fa Que heads down. Yes, yes, come on this could be it. Rich slides in. oh its crossed the line its in! YES . . . no wait. Yes it's in we're going through. Back to the League after: 5 years out, finical crisis, being written off by every self-respecting critic and changing strips. Always an up setter that one ask Manchester United about it! , Finical crisis, being written off by every self respecting critic and changing strips. Always an up setter that one ask Manchester United about it! Yes, its Home for us, its Division 3 for us. We're coming home, we're coming home. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jonathan West 10W Monologue 01/05/2007 ...read more.

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