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What's it all about? Life's hard at the moment. I always thought old age would be a doddle but I was mistaken. My youngest daughter, Amy, died last month and my other daughter is living in a squat in surrey. My wife passed away last year and many say that I murdered her. Our marriage was going through rough times and in a drunken rage she ran for me with a glass bottle. I moved out of the way and she slipped and fell into the glass from the bottle. The glass went through her heart and that was the end. I lived on my own in New Cross, which is quite a rough area in south London. Amy was living with her auntie Margaret in Leeds. When Amy died it left Margaret with mass depression and Amy's one daughter, Lucy, an orphan. Lucy is now living with me. If it was up to me I wouldn't let such a nice young girl grow up in a rough area like this but there's no other option. Amy was a nice girl. She had just graduated from college last month when she went missing. ...read more.


"47th floor, sir" murmured the bored receptionist. I looked around the massive lobby and saw the lift in the top left corner. I got to the 47th floor, "Hi, my name is Jack Cunningsworth, is this Sintek?" I said. "Yes it is, personal enquiries are over there," said a rather classy looking man. "Hello, I have just recently moved over from London as you can probably tell by my accent. I was previously working in an architectural company in New Cross in south London as the assistant manager. I was wondering if you had any vacancies for a job." "Actually you have come in at the right moment. We do have an opening seeing as John McCarthy, one of our most talented graphic designers, left yesterday. I am going to need to see your C.V to know if you have the right qualifications," said the secretary. I handed her the document and she scanned through it quickly. "Yes, yes you seem the right man for the job, when would you be ready to start?" questioned the secretary. "Oh, well as soon as possible really, I just need to acclimatise to my new apartment and move all of my stuff in and then I'll be ready to start." ...read more.


I have a good feeling about today. I had a dream last night that things were going to go my way today. As I got off the lift at work I heard the loudest blast I have ever heard in my life that shuddered the entire building. Suddenly the whole 47th floor went up in a riot of screams so loud I could hardly hear myself think. My immediate reaction was to turn right back around and get back in the lift but the button must have been broken. I then proceeded, trying to keep calm, down the everlasting stairwell. It was like a mass rush of hopeful lemmings trying to complete their mission unscathed. As soon as I knew it I was in the lobby and practically shitting myself with fear and anxiety. I still, to this moment, didn't know exactly why I was escaping but I knew that once I was outside I would find out. Later that night... What kind of sick minded anarchist would fly a fully loaded passenger jet into a skyscraper in Manhattan. I can't believe how lucky I am to be alive. And I thought my time here was going so well. At least Kate will be happy to know that I'm moving back to London. That's the story of my life though, a bitch. ...read more.

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