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What 30 years have done to Mercutio & Tybalt?

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What 30 years have done to Mercutio & Tybalt In Baz Luhrmann's 'Romeo and Juliet' the opening fight scene starts off with a shot of some yob like people listening to heavy music. You can tell that think they are above the rest by the way they are all messing around in the car. These are the Montagues They pull up at a petrol station nearly running over one of the garage workers and Benvolio Goes inside the building. As he walks into the building you see the Capulet car pull up very smoothly. You can tell which car is which because it says on the number plate. Now the camera angle is from the bottom of the car door. When it opens you see a leg come out of the door with smart black trousers on and black leather boots with a metal heal. A cigar drops to the floor and he treads it out, all of this is introducing you to the smart smooth style of the Capulets. Still only looking at the lower part of this mans leg he goes into the garage, as he does some nuns exit the garage. The punk like Montagues are rude to the nuns as they drive off by licking their nipples etc. As they are so involved in this they do not notice that some Capulets have pulled up and as they see them there facial expressions change dramatically to one of fear and they become very panicky. ...read more.


There had been a quarrel between these two and now they hated each other immensely. They could not even meet each other without an argument or brawl occurring. Frequent bloodshed disturbed Verona. One day in the market some Montagues saw some Capulets across the market place and bit their thumb at them to provoke a fight and that is what they got. Benvolio came out to split up he fight as his name means 'good' he sort got the situation under control. Then Tybalt came along and he causes the situation to fall apart and brake out into a bloodthirsty brawl. This is the first time we meet Tybalt and he has already caused havoc. After the brawl the prince gives out a warning that the next person to cause a fight will pay with his life. Mr and Mrs Montague are worried about Romeo their only son so they ask Benvolio to try to find out what is wrong with him. He found out that Romeo was lovesick so Benvolio and Mercutio persuade him to go to the Capulet party so that he can see how many other beautiful women there are apart from Rosalyn. They told him that this party would make his swan seem like a crow. On the way to the party Romeo talks of dreams and Mercutio makes a speech about a fairy that makes people dream things. ...read more.


He sees this and decides to walk off. Mercutio is hurt badly and moaning etc. as he stagers up the steps they all laugh and they only realise that he is not playing around when he has no pulse. Because of Tybalt killing Mercutio Romeo chases after him and slays him. This results in Romeo in been banished from Verona. The priest sends him message that Juliet has pretended to die and he should come back t o find her in the tomb. Then they could run away and come back to Verona at a later date. Romeos servant sees Juliet's fake funeral and tell him that she is dead. Romeo then goes to get some poison to kill himself. He goes to her tomb and kills him self. She wakes up to find her lover dead. She takes his dagger and stabs herself. The two households promise never to fight again. I think that if I produced 'Romeo & Juliet' now I would make it a marshal arts film based in America. It would be based on gang warfare. I would portray Mercutio as a small Chinese person who is a really good kung fu fighter. Tybalt would a big broad racist white person who thinks he is really cool. The fight scene would be and action pack Kung fu tournament in a warehouse. Over the last thirty years Mercutio have changed a lot but Shakespeare wrote in such a way that not even the best producers in the world could change their character. William Green English ...read more.

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