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What annoys me about the British Weather

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´╗┐British Weather, three words: unpredictable, torturous and unbearable. We have all experienced the excruciatingly painful rain drops plummeting full speed onto our hoods or umbrella?s, haven?t we? Well we live in England of course. As you prepare to leave home, you take one quick glance out of the window, and you see the blazing red hot sun shining, you can actually feel the warm radiation hitting your skin and the last thing on your mind is to remember to take an umbrella or a jacket with you just in case. As you casually walk across the street to the bus stop you have an unexpected encounter with one of your ?footy mad? friends who just talks about football. After he bores you to death and then finally leaves things get one notch worse, out of nowhere, completely unexpected you feel this cold spit on your face, ...read more.


Another point is not the sudden change of weather but the despicably messed up seasons. You never know what you are going to get with British weather it constantly is on the move, there is cold weather in the summer and it?s warm in the winter, this year alone the snow is overdue it?s been expected and hasn?t arrived YET. From the bottom of my heart I would like to tell all of you people who want to visit England that it is not a holiday destination, at all especially in terms of weather. What you will get is not a relaxing, sunny holiday, but mainly an endless pour of rain which blasts on to you like a cannon of water, if you want to experience true English weather then book your tickets in winter as it might be very warm. ...read more.


Where droplets of rain are rolling down the window, and you can hear the thunderous cascading rain hitting the roof. At this moment in time you are hopelessly hoping that eventually this annoying rainy weather will just stop! What really ticks me off is that the winter weather causes many disruptions to the public transport system, not that it was the most efficient method of travel anyway. It also causes many businesses and schools to close early which plays mostly in favour for school students. Roads are blocked by the snow and this irritates drivers because they are blinded by the fog, this is disastrous for the economy apparently, because Britain is always caught unprepared even though we experience snowy and foggy conditions almost every year. In summary: don?t even bother to listen to the weather forecast as they talk complete nonsense, and make sure your prepared at least take a coat because it could start raining after all we do live in England. ...read more.

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