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What are the different ways of being a man

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There are Different Ways of Being a Man. How is it shown throughout the Story? In the play, 'A View from the Bridge' written by Author Miller, the manliness of the male characters in the story is shown through three male characters, Eddie, Marco and Rodolpho. On the other hand, Rodolpho's immatureness can be noted throughout the play. They all have their own unique personalities which illustrates their masculinity in different ways. In the beginning play, Eddie is shown as a considerate and conscientious protagonist. His thoughtfulness towards the family is shown through his attitude towards his niece, Catherine, who is secretly loved by him in an inappropriate way. For example, (...). When Beatrice's two cousins arrive, namely, Rodolpho and Marco, Eddie begins to show his darker side of the human animal. ...read more.


In contrast to his reliability in the beginning, his attitude modifies to indecorous, immature and impolite characteristic. Marco, the older cousin of Beatrice, can be noticed as a mature, grown-up guy, who, according to Eddie, 'goes around like a man'. Marco's manliness is shown by Eddie's comparison between Rodolpho and Marco. Apart from Eddie's descriptions of Marco, his responsibility towards his family gives the readers a strong sense of justice. Marco is focused, because he wants the job to earn money for his family. Marco's physical strength is shown when Eddie physically abuses his brother, Rodolpho, so he 'grasps...raising the chair...higher and higher...gripping his eyes and jaw...stiff...like a weapon" in front of Eddie. The strength is shown effectively, as it gives a glare of warning towards Eddie. ...read more.


Rodolpho is described as a 'kid' like a 'chorus girl' by Eddie. Rodolpho, until the end, does not show any resistance against Eddie, and this suggests his weakness towards him. However, Rodolpho says that 'it is [his] fault for everything' that had happened before Eddie's tragic death, in order to calm Eddie and better the situation. This shows his sensibleness, which can be seen as maturity. Catherine immediately finds him attractive- humerous, intelligent, talented (eddie criticizes, sensitive, love of life, most thoughtful, sensitive, sense of responsibility 'can see the implications of thing' comes out of a strong character, appeals to Marco not to do anything irresponsible, apologises to Eddie. Therefore, different ways of being a man is shown by three characters in the story, although, Rodolpho illustrates both masculinity and immatureness. ... ...read more.

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