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What are the messages of 'An Inspector Calls' and how effective is Priestly in conveying them?

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What are the messages of 'An Inspector Calls' and how effective is Priestly in conveying them? Priestly chose to write this play when he did, in 1945 because he had seen both world wars. He set it in 1912 because he knew what was to come, this way he had an insight to what was going to happen, so he could show the ignorance of the upper sector. Mr. Birling should understand the common people better than he does, especially as he came from a working class background. It would seem that he does not appreciate the working class anymore, as he would not even increase the wages of his workers. "They were averaging about twenty-two and six which was neither more nor less then is paid generally in our industry. They wanted the rates raised so that they could average about twenty-five shillings a week." It is also evident that he runs his life by looking after himself first, as he tells Gerald and Eric at the beginning of the play "And as you were saying, dad, a man has to look after himself." ...read more.


When you are "far gone", or as you would more commonly say it now, drunk, you are quite likely to get yourself into some sort of trouble as Eric learns. Unlike his parents and Sheila, Eric realises that what he did was wrong at the time and tried to make amends for it by giving Eva Smith money. "I insisted on giving her enough money to keep her going" At first when Eva Smith left him he didn't change his ways, you can see this when he "helps himself to the decanter". After the Inspector has gone through the events it looks like Eric has finally come to grips with what he has done and will make some sort of effort to change now, because of the imppression left on him by the Inspector. The message Inspector Goole is trying to present is that, whatever you do, you will eventually be judged for it. "We are members of one body. And I tell you that the time will soon come when, if men will not learn that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire, blood and anguish." ...read more.


"simply a piece of gross impertinance" "naturally that was one of the things that prejudiced me against her case." The structure of the play is set out as a 'whodunnit' with one line of enquiery at a time. "One line of enquiery at a time. Otherwise we'll all be talking at once and won't know were we are." This is done so that there is no confusion with the messages being conveyed. This whodunnit structure has been tapered with, as usually at the end you know who did it, and why, but at the end of this play there is no specific culprit, and nobody murdered anybody because Eva Smith commited suicide. Priestly wanted you to have full understanding of the characters, so to help convey what each character was learning there are no intervals, just as in real life you would not be able to break and forget about what's happening for half an hour then go back to life, Priestly wants to show this is in real time as it's happening, just like life. have. And from this play it would seem that if I had any of these diseases, that trouble would surely come my way. ...read more.

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