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What are the problems is society

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Where there is darkness light is stronger Street children, begging and homelessness: these are things that people know that exist but they just ignore them. Even you talk about those things but in fact you don't do much to help those people who need our help. Sometimes we could think about what we could do to help, but the second after we just stop and move on thinking only about ourselves and our own problems. There are a lot of organisations to help people who are sick or people that don't have a home. Some of these are just false people who "steal" money from generous people. I don't think that there are so many organisations who make a difference in little children's eyes. These kids live their whole life in creepy holes at the side of a poor country. They learn how to fight against big guys, how to run away from police men, how to make a meal out of a lie and even how to steal in an onest way. These are normal things to them, to us these are horrible things that have to be changed. Maybe these kids don't want to change because they don't know how better life is. Just think about it, how could they want some "more" if they don't know what is "more"? ...read more.


What is poverty really? Is true poverty in the soul or in the pocket? Every human being has different basic needs. We could say that people without soul are nothing. People with soul have all the values that live can offer to them. Like love and affection. The love of a parent in a kid's life is very important, some people that don't want to talk anymore with their parents are unhappy but they can't see that. They think that they can live the same way without love, but at the same time they try to forget and they search the same love in other things. Other things like friends, but these friends will never give the same love and affection to the person as a parent. Future is also a very important thing, without a future there is no life. There are different tipes of futures, the future of a single person, the future of a family, the future of the whole world. These things seem to be all different things but they actually all fit together in a big desing called "life". All little children have planned a future. It could be a dream like go to the moon as an astronaut or becaume the number one sushi-eater. These are little children who have all that they need so they can think about talking to marcians, kids who have heard stories that make them dream. ...read more.


Children don't have to think about these things at their age because their parents do all the important decisions for them. When a child has to begin to take his own responsabilities, it gets complicated. At this age you are changing into the person you are going to be for the rest of your life, so the decision is hard to make. Some people have already money and all the things that they need so they just don't care about school and leave it to go and make party's every weekend. But one day their parents are going to die and they will be alone and they will have nobody to take money from. That is the moment where they have to begin to think, that is the age for them that they have to decide. It comes later because the money and the beautiful things have made time go slower for them. In conclusion I think that it is important to have the real needs in life, wich are: love, attention, affection, wealth and security. A person without this things dies slowly and he suffers a lot (sometimes he doesn't even know that he is dieing, it is horrible). To conclude this essay I have chosen a phase that a great poet wrote, because I can't write what I really feel and this phrase is the nearest to what I want to say. Long is the way and difficult, that goes from hell to the light. ...read more.

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