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What are your impressions of "Nothing's Changed".

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What are your impressions of "Nothing's Changed" Nothing's changed is a very intense poem, it is showing the black boy's feeling towards what he is seeing and experiencing during his life. The poet tells the reader how he's angry due to the attitude towards black people. There are many violent and physical emotions in this poem. He makes the words and phrases come to life, for example "small round hard stones click" and "cans trodden on, crunch" by using this technique a physical response is brought into the poem. This feeling of conflict and physical tension makes the reader feel on edge. It makes the reader feel like tension is building. ...read more.


The poet, in his poem gives a very clear impression that he is looking at the real world but from the outside or through a window." I press my nose to the clear panes" shows that he is looking in from the outside. Glass is a very important symbol in the poem, it represents a barrier between the black and white people or communities as they are practically two divisions, the white people think they're superior to black people. The poet refers to how black people are called "Boys" and white "Men" this is a very offensive comment which angers Tatamkhulu also adding fuel to the tension. The poet writes about how the "working mans cafe sells" which serves only "bunny chows", cheap, nature food, The poet also tells us "wipe your fingers on your jeans" and "Spit a little on the floor" because black people aren't as important as white people. ...read more.


I felt for the poet having to put up with that all your life. I can't believe people can still treat people badly because they're different. This poem depth to it and I feel that the poet is willing to fight for his rights why should he have to put up with the discrimination and racism. This had much more impact on my feelings because I believe he screaming for help. He shows how irritated he is and how much anger has built up in him over a long period of time hence the name "nothings changed" He get the feeling, that they never will, or it will take a long time for things to change between the whites and the blacks. ...read more.

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