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What aspects of Lennie's character make the death of Curly's wife almost inevitable ?

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What aspects of Lennie's character make the death of Curly's wife almost inevitable ? We are able to gather a lot of informantion of Lennies Small's past before the story begins.Lennie has apparently been brain damaged at least since he was a child.When he was young he was bullied by children including George Milton.One day George tells Lennie to jump the Sacranato river and to his horror Lennie actually does it and starts to drown.George has to jump in and save Lennie and from then on a firm friendship grew. The story is set in America during the great depression.Lennie and George are workers who have just had to run away from a Town called Weed because of Lennie.Lennie has a passion for stroking soft objects and he sees a woman wearing a soft dress he approaches her and strokes it.When the woman yells he just clings on in panic which makes matters worse.There is no sexual intent in what he does but the locals do not know this and pursue Lennie and George who eventually escape by staying under an irrigation ditch all day.They are now walking towards the next farm where they are going to apply for work when the story begins. more.


a dog but George finds out.Lennie reacts to this ''Slowly like a terrior who doesn't want to give a ball back to its master'' Even George knows just how animal like he is ,telling Lennie when he uses emotional blackmail that it is impossible for him to run away and live in a cave as he would be shot for a coyote.Lennie has one more aspect of an animal and that is his unhuman strength just like that of a grizzly bear.George tells the farm owner that ''Lennie can buck barley like two men''and that ''He's as strong as a bull'' and that Lennie can even ''Lift a four hundred pound bale''.This is one of the main reasons why they get the job in the end but there is a major fault with Lennie having the mind of a child and the strength of a man and that is he cannot control his strengh sometimes when he's pannicking or alarmed.This is one of the reasons why the death of Curlys wife is almost inevitable. more.


a robot who is being controlled by George.Unfortuately when George and Curly's wife are alone in the barn together,George is outside playing in a horseshoe tornament unaware of the danger going on.Curlys wife begins to tell Lennie all about her past when Lennie mentions his love for soft things.Curly's wife says the worst possible thing ''Feel my hair,thats right feel right aroun' there an' see how soft it is'' As soon as she says this she has effectively signed her own death warrant.He strokes her hair with some force untill she panicks and yells ''Hey let go''Lennie panicks,hat if George hears her and comes in ? He grabs her,shakes her to shut up and accidently breaks her neck from the brutal force.Lennie then panicks and runs away.As soon as George finds out whats happened he has no choice other to tell Lennie how proud he was to be his friend before shotting him in the back of the skull.All of Georges dreams are shattered because of an accident that just had to happen,that no one could stop which ultimately resulted in the death of two people and several shattered dreams more.

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