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What aspects of love can you identify in the play?

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Jennifer Bryan 9010 A midsummer night's dream What aspects of love can you identify in the play? The theme of love plays a very important role within the play. The different characters show different types of love and respect for each other, but all the love in the play is not necessary true love, due to Oberon's love potion. The main type of love is romantic love, like the love between Hermia and Lysander. Their bond together is so strong that they vowed to do anything to be together. "If then true lovers have been ever crossed, it stands as an edict in destiny." ...read more.


Family do things for each other because of love and a sense of duty and being patriotic towards them. "Full of vexation come I, with complaint against my daughter Hermia!" In this scene Egeus complains about Hermia to Thesus about her not full-filling her duty towards him. In the day this play was written, males were in control of all females. So it was serious offence to break out from your father or husband's authority. Yet after all this there is another important type of love; friendship. The most offence example is between Hermia and Helena. "All school-days' friendship, childhood innocence." The language used conveys memories of girls at school, being inseperial, best friends. All these were examples of true love. ...read more.


But once Oberon is jealous because his wife is saying, "I love thee!" to another man he changes her back. Bottom did not only fall in love with Titania but has good friendships with the other machenicals. "Bottom! Oh most courageous day! O most happy hour!" The play is full of love and would be nothing with out it. It also changes people. At the start Hermia was feisty, young girl, who could speak out against the Duke. But after married, they speak when spoken to and not much else. So this play also shows what women went though in Shakespeare's time. So maybe William Shakespeare was trying to show how women change, how important love, friends and family are. And how it can all go wrong. ...read more.

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