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What changes occur between in the relationship between Gerald and Sheila in the course of the play 'An Inspector calls.'

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What changes occur between in the relationship between Gerald and Sheila in the course of the play 'An Inspector calls.' Sheila is a pretty girl, in her twenties. Who likes life and relishes the fact she's getting married to Gerald Croft, also she's rather spoilt. Gerald is a handsome man, who's wealthy and fashionable. He's from an old country family that's socially superior to the Birling family. An Inspector calls is set in 1912 when woman didn't have rights and when women were expected to stay at home doing all the jobs men wanted them to do, because the woman in that era were thought to be of less importance to the men. And the women were expected to look up to men. The celebration of Gerald and Sheila's engagement is a happy, momentus occasion for the family in many ways. Such as, the fact that Mr Birling is excited to welcome a wealthy businessman to his family. For all her life her parents and generally her whole family have treated Sheila, as a child. Also because she was a woman she had been made to stay at home and do nothing, and be bored all day. But she would rather be out working for a living instead of been cooped up at home. ...read more.


Soon Sheila realises that she isn't much better than her Dad because she was the reason that Eva Smith was sacked from Millwards. She doesn't take the news very well and she feels very guilty and very upset. And she feels solely responsible for her death. After the Inspector says the she isn't the only one to blame for her death. He does this to ease the guilt for her and so all the others can think whether they've ever done anything bad to anyone. At the end of Act 1 Gerald and Sheila are left alone to reflect on what's happened. Sheila questions him on whether Gerald new her because his reaction said he did when the Inspector showed him a photo of her. Sheila says she won't keep the secret that Gerald had a part to play, so she can share the guilt with someone else. Gerald knows he had a part and knows he has to be honest. In act 2 Gerald starts to confess what happened. Sheila is eager to stay and listen to what he says so she can find out what he did last summer. Gerald realises that and he hopes that whatever he says hopefully their engagement isn't called off. All the time that Gerald confesses and struggles to say what has to be said, Sheila sits their and makes sarcastic comments which aren't relavent, and the certainly don't make it any easier for Gerald. ...read more.


After all his commotion he offers her the ring but she says, " It's to quick I need to think." Which I think means no, because of how he reacted to the fact someone hadn't died and that everything he said must be alright because no one died. Which shows that he as a person hasn't changed in the course of the play. Throughout the play Sheila and Gerald's relationship has changed, for the worse and in some cases for the better. Because Sheila was open and admits the wrong she did. On the other hand Gerald is trying to keep everything hidden so he can get away with it, but at the start he is very open and Sheila respects him for it. They start as a happy couple and end up as two completely different people for the better and for the worse. I think that Gerald is foolish and doesn't realise the consequences of his actions and his responsibilities as a man. If Sheila has any sense she will either try and change Gerald for the better or leave him and keep looking for a truthful man. Either way I think the play shows that woman are just as equal as men and that people who are socially superior are no better people than any other class. ...read more.

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