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What characteristics of Stanhopes personality do you think this passage reveals? Support your answer with details and evidence from the passage.

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Literature - Common Assessment Task Final Piece What characteristics of Stanhope's personality do you think this passage reveals? Support your answer with details and evidence from the passage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The passage displays a variety of new characteristics of STANHOPE's personality. It shows his pessimism, escapist, hopefulness, weakness, devotion and loyalty, his hatred of cowardice and his role as a hero to RALEIGH. STANHOPE's escapism is highlighted in this brief passage as he says about his fiancée MADGE's oblivion of his addiction to alcohol, "She doesn't know that if I went up those steps into the front line - without being doped with whisky - I'd go mad with fright." Escapism is one of the most prominent themes in JOURNEY'S END and almost every main character has their own methods of escapism. Examples include: OSBORNE preferring to see everything as a romantic, TROTTER using food as a form of escapism and HIBBERT's escapism through which he tries to fake neuralgia to flee the trenches. more.


I might have at least been spared that." OSBORNE replies, "You're seeing things in a rather black sort of way." Pessimists choose to view the world negatively and draw no goodness from it. Most soldiers during the trenches are constantly being let down and disappointed due to the countless, brutal deaths and the wastage of time spent in the uncomfortable dug outs. STANHOPE has also become a strong pessimist as he has served at the trenches longer than anybody else. STANHOPE's ability to remain at the trenches for such a long period of time shows his devotion to the army. Evidence for this includes the colonel encouraging a leave for STANHOPE, to which he replies, "He thinks I'm in such a state that I want a rest, is that it?!" The tone of this remark implies that STANHOPE is dedicated to serving the army and will stay until the war ends. more.


He was asked by RALEIGH's father to care for RALEIGH and STANHOPE said, "I rather liked the idea of looking after him" which shows STANHOPE's happiness of being appointed the guardian of RALEIGH. Lastly, this passage reveals STANHOPE's hopefulness to return from the trenches a hero and marry MADGE, his fiancée. He says that his hopefulness is fading due to RALEIGH's arrival. STANHOPE said to OSBORNE, "I've hoped that all the time... [I'd] get fit and then go back to her." OSBORNE replies, "And so you can" to which STANHOPE bitterly says, "If RALEIGH had gone to one of those other one thousand eight hundred companies." Due to RALEIGH being MADGE's sister, STANHOPE fears that RALEIGH will write home and reveal his addiction to alcohol and how he had changed into a "bad" person during his time in the trenches. The army consists mainly of men, who also share their dreams of returning to their loved ones, and STANHOPE is no different. ?? ?? ?? ?? more.

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