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What Comic Devices are Used in "Ali G Indahouse" and How Are They Enhanced by the Music and Cinematography?

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What Comic Devices are Used in "Ali G Indahouse" and How Are They Enhanced by the Music and Cinematography? Many people have called the movie "Ali G Inda House" an extremely funny film, but what makes this movie so funny, and how does the use of music and the use of camera work enhance the jokes? This essay aims to examine the types of humour used, such as double entendres and self-revealing irony. I will also observe in detail how some jokes are affected by music and cinematography. The movie starts with opening credits, which are slightly reminiscent of a Hollywood movie, with dramatic music and sudden cuts of a city. The credits flash through and give a sense of a blockbuster movie. This sets the mood for the opening scene; you start to imagine a serious film with typical action scenes. It then cuts to a scene of a man hassling two women, when Ali G drives up in a convertible. The man turns around and speaks to Ali in Spanish, and Ali replies in French. This is self-revealing irony, a tactic employed greatly throughout the movie, which shows the stupidity of the character through their speech or actions. The genre of music used in the opening credits (rap) ...read more.


Another example occurs straight afterwards, the women he saves get into his car and start giving him fellatio, whereupon he then wakes up, realising it was all a dream. Here the camera starts at a close range shot of his face, and oddly enough the quilts are shaking, as if someone really is pleasuring him. The camera then pans down, showing the dog. Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G) also mixes semantic field as a form of humour, for example, when he subverts the scouts. Ali is in the community centre, talking to a group of people about how someone has stayed off heroin for eight years, and the camera pans out, and it turns out to be a young boy, dressed as a scout. By using close up shots of Ali, it lulls you into believing that he is talking about grown men. By then panning out, the "punch line" hits you, and you realise that he was talking about a child who looks to be only eight. The effective use of the camera helps the delivery of the joke be more effective. Ali then goes on to hand out an "advanced swearing" badge, similar to how the Scouts hand out badges for certain skills. Another example of the mixing of semantic fields is the integration of Staines and the Los Angeles ghetto. ...read more.


Ali G and his girlfriend are upstairs having sex, and are making the ceiling and the chandelier shake from their movements. However, just before they started having intercourse, the Prime Minister and another man went upstairs to discuss some things. When they return to the main room where everyone else is, the shaking stops, and everyone looks at the two men oddly. The two start speaking, saying things such as "we came together", and "he is a very big man." By using the camera and showing us that it was really Ali G and his girlfriend having sex, it then gives meaning to the double entendre, making it humorous and comic. So how effective is music and cinematography in enhancing humour? Unfortunately, in Ali G Inda House, music and cinematography which aims to enhance a certain joke is not used very often, and as such, examples of its effective use only appear several times throughout the whole movie. However, after watching and analysing this film, I can come to the conclusion, that when used properly both music and cinematography can be extremely effective. The right use of it can lull the watcher into a false sense of security, or it can help build tension or add to the atmosphere, drawing the audience into the movie. By doing so, the watchers will appreciate certain parts more or understand what's the real point, whether it be serious, or a joke. - 1 - Edward Tan English Media Coursework 10LC ...read more.

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