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What contribution does Curley's wife make to 'Of Mice and Men'?

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Centre Name: Leipzig International School Centre Number: DE519 Candidate Name: Mauro Caruso Candidate Number: English Literature Coursework: prose What Contribution Does Curley's Wife Make to Of Mice and Men? Curley's wife is the most dangerous character in the novel, because she is the loneliest one. Because of her need for attention, she destroys George and Lennie's dream of living "off the fatta the lan'." The appearance and clothing of Curley's wife have a symbolic meaning. She is described as a "purty" woman because she is always made up. Even on the ranch she has "full, rouged lips" and her hair lies in "little rolled clusters, like sausages." Also her clothes are seductive. ...read more.


Curley's wife is the loneliest character on the ranch. Nobody wants to come into contact with her because the workers are frightened of Curley. Curley is jealous in the relationship with his wife. The reader feels her pain and begins to sympathise with her. Curley's wife dreams of a better life than she has now. "A guy tol'" her, that he could get her into "pitchers." She dreams of being a star, but she has to stay on the ranch on "Sat'iday night" and talk to Lennie, Candy and Crooks. "Ever'body" is "out doin' som'pin. Ever'body", except for her. This makes her angry and the reader begins to sympathise with her again. ...read more.


Curley's wife destroys George and Lennie's dream. Because of her and Lennie's disability the dream never happens. Always, when George and Lennie speak about their dream, Curley's wife joins them, and they stop speaking about the dream. Because of this the reader realises that Curley's wife will prevent the dream. She destroys the dream and this is her contribution to the novel. In conclusion I think that Curley's wife is really angry because nobody talks to her. She has no friends on the ranch and she tries to make friends by using her appearance. Also she is guilty of destroying the dream but this is due to loneliness. She is one of the most tragic characters in the novel Of Mice and Men. Word count: 711 Mauro Caruso ...read more.

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