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What difference does the audience notice in Beatrice's behaviour in extract one and extract two

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What difference does the audience notice in Beatrice's behaviour in extract one and extract two Beatrice is shown as a woman who's not scared to show her feelings. 'Yea and I will weep a while longer,' automatically creates the impression that she will continue to cry, even after Benedick has noticed that she's crying - she's not embarrassed. However, she could also be saying this to spite Benedick since it was because of his friend, Claudio that she's in this situation of grievance in the first place. Beatrice starts to hint that she needs help with the situation at hand, 'Ah how much might the man deserve of me that would right her.' This means that the man who cleared her cousin's name would mean so much to her. Benedick begins to volunteer, but Beatrice says it's not for him to do, 'It is a man's office, but not yours,' this could plainly suggest that perhaps Benedick wasn't man enough for the job. This didn't do anything to stop Benedick's eagerness to help; in fact it ignited his willingness because he then confessed that he loved her. At this point, Beatrice is very confused, 'It were as possible for me to say I loved nothing so well as you: but believe me not; and yet I lie not; I confess nothing, nor I deny nothing. ...read more.


She's giving him a direct command, by saying 'let me go,' she expects him to fully obey it. Benedick wants to maintain their friendship, but Beatrice refuses. 'You dare easier be friends with me than fight with mine enemy?' This quote means, you want to by my friend, yet you won't fight my enemy, which, in literal terms, is a resounding no to the offer of friendship from Benedick. Beatrice then begins to rant about how Claudio has ruined Hero after being asked whether Claudio was her enemy by Benedick. 'Is he not approved in the height a villain, that hath slandered, scorned, dishonoured my kinswoman?' Beatrice is asking Benedick a harsh rhetorical question, which puts Claudio in a bad light. She goes back to the plight of her cousin and is again accusing Claudio for damaging Hero's delicate reputation which has deeply affected Beatrice and now she just wants justice served. Beatrice hates being in a state where she's helpless. '- -O God, that I were a man! I would eat his heart in the market-place.' If Beatrice wasn't a woman, she wouldn't have hesitated to challenge him, unlike Benedick, she's most likely saying this to make Benedick feel bad about refusing her challenge. Women aren't normally supposed to go around challenging people, but as a man, Benedick could do that. ...read more.


Benedick, doesn't want to take no for an answer, so he poses the question to her yet again, she replies with, 'No, truly, but in friendly recompense,' meaning that she only loves him as a friend, nothing more. The people around them, decide to step in and help them both out, Claudio and Hero both revealing love sonnets, they both wrote about each other, now the truth has been revealed. Benedick, in his usual arrogance says that he unwillingly takes Beatrice. But, two can play at this game, so she says, '...I yield upon great persuasion; and partly to save your life, for I was told you were in a consumption.' Beatrice says that she's not going to say no because she is being forced to and also because she wants to save his life, which is a bit melodramatic. She's also blaming the people around her, '...I yield upon great persuasion..' making it sound like everyone, but herself, wants her to be with him. It's obvious to the audience that she's looking for excuses, or even a way out to directly admitting her feelings. By now, Beatrice and Benedick have admitted they feel something for each other in front of their family and friends, both having faith in each other, but still they have too much pride to admit that they really are in love. ?? ?? ?? ?? Taznema Khatun 9V ...read more.

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