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What different techniques do the directors of 'what goes around comes around comes around' and 'the kill' use to ensure that their piece is more than just a music video?

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What different techniques do the directors of 'what goes around comes around comes around' and 'the kill' use to ensure that their piece is more than just a music video? Over the last week we have been watching and analysing two very different music videos. Both are very different genres and styles. One of the videos 'What goes around comes around' by Justin Timberlake is a very typical stereotyped R'N'B track and the another 'the kill' by thirty seconds to mars is an Emo/Rock based song. In this essay I will be analysing many aspects of the videos such as special effects dialogue and intertextual references. I will also be comparing the videos and eventually answering the question put before me 'are they more than just a music video?' Music videos are a very popular choice of entertainment with hundreds of channels boasting the latest and greatest from a wide range of artists and genres. Many music videos are very intense, often telling stories and sending messages to the viewers. The whole purpose of music videos is simply promotion. All bands and artists need to get them or there songs out there so people will go out and buy there music. Artists and bands will go to allsorts of lengths and measures to ensure that there music video is out there and attracting people to there song and themselves. ...read more.


scarlet a friend of Justin and two girls are sat on .This is when Justin declares his love for scarlet 'if you play your cards right you might just get the keys to the castle' this is also the last time you will see the couple together and happy. In the video Scarletts costumes reflect her 'down for whatever with a touch of class' very well because they are very similar to burlesque dancers dress e.g. revealing and enticing she is also very elegant and wearing her hair in same style through out the video. Justin is always wearing very minimalistic and modern clothing which contrasts greatly with Scarlett. It also creates a mysterious and strange atmosphere as there's confusion to what era it is actually set in. The majority of the other characters are also dressed in modern clothes which reduce the confusion somewhat, and also adds to the mysteriousness which Scarlett beholds in her costume. In the video there is a lot of imagery to do with circles this is linking to the song name 'what goes around comes around'. The video is very similar to a mini film as it has all the characteristics a film should have: special effects, established start middle and ending and a gripping story line. its is made more than just a music video because it is told like a story with several intervals were there is only dialogue not music also it is very long and a lot happens in a short space of time witch is very cleverly put together by the director. ...read more.


In the original Steve McQueen does the same in his prison cell, this could imply that the hotel is a prison for the band and includes negative connotations for the rest of the plot. A feature which has clearly been carefully planned is the costumes as they differ from person to person gradually throughout the video. When the band first arrives at the hotel, they're wearing casual clothes, but when horror strikes and the hotel becomes much more than a place to relax, costumes are used to distinguish the band members from their ghosts. The ghosts are wearing very old fashioned tuxedo's which gives the impression that they've been there a long time. The special effects in this video are used frequently to make it more like 'The Shining'. The main one is the subliminal images which flash up as corpses. This technique is used in the same way in the shining, except in this video, they flash to the drumming beat to make it more dramatic. On these images, there's a lot of imitation blood used to make the corpses look realistic, make up was also used to make them look ghostly and decomposed. Conclusion; I feel that 'What goes around comes around' is the most successful video in terms of being 'more than just a music video' because it tells a great story which the viewer can understand and possibly relate to. ...read more.

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