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What Do Frank and Rita Learn from Each Other? How Does This ‘Education’ Change Them As People

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What Do Frank and Rita Learn from Each Other? How Does This 'Education' Change Them As People I think education is a part of life that everybody goes through. It's how the world gains knowledge and everybody deserves to have a proper education, which involves going to a school and learning different subjects in a classroom with a teacher. My view of education does seem to differ to Russell's definition. His definition of education seems to be a way to differentiate the social classes of the world. A chance for the 'posh' people to show how superior they are to the lower class. He is implying that anyone that is poor cannot have had an education. This does seem to be true according to the play but maybe Russell was not picturing reality when he wrote 'Educating Rita'. His definition of education is not apparent in the reality that I live in so I cannot identify with him. To me, education is and always will be the gaining of knowledge, being taught and finding out about life. Our first impressions of Frank are rather negative, it is clear that he has a drinking problem and is obviously dissatisfied with his life. ...read more.


This helps her become able to stress her point within an essay, by impressing an examiner rather than using a vulgar language. 'F: No, Erm - assonance. Well, it's a form of rhyme. What's a - what's an example - erm -? Do you know Yeats? R: The wine lodge? F: Yeats the poet.' (1.i) 'R: It was crap. F: What? R: I thought it was crap! F: Crap? And who are you citing in support of your thesis, F. R. Leavis? R: No. Me! F: What have I just said? 'Me' is subjective.' (1.ii) Along the way Frank and Rita learn a lot more from each other. The next point Frank learns is that education can 'quash' a person. He realises or thinks that if Rita is successful in 'learning everything' (which is what she wanted in the beginning) then it will spoil what is so special about Rita. For instance the way she just comes out with things, says what is exactly on her mind, she will start to say less about what she thinks, try and make it into a 'more posh' point of view. Frank may even be scared that Rita will become a 'literary snob' like he was in the beginning. ...read more.


I chose, me. Because of what you'd given me. I had a choice.' (2.vii) I do think that Frank and Rita benefit from having a relationship with each other. They both open their eyes to how they each live, and learn to accept things that has contradicted points that they thought were true their whole life. Frank manages to stop drinking, nearly and Rita is where she wants to be in life. They helped each other get to that stage and although Frank still relies on Rita to be there she does not actually need him anymore. A final benefit that Frank receives is quite comical; a haircut. This is great because it finishes off the play with a light note. I think that Russell is trying to show that in his play Frank and Rita learn exactly the same thing, people are all the same, and most of the things you know will end up being useless and empty. They both learn this in a different way. Rita becomes educated, and learns that it is not up to what it is made out to be and Frank learns this by meeting Rita, the lower class girl. If you base your life around literature completely you will end up being a very dull person with an empty life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Laura Waddington 11B C:\My Documents\Laura\Work\Coursework\English ...read more.

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